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Production-Enhancing Motion Control for Robust Robotic Automation

Production-Enhancing Motion Control for Robust Robotic Automation

Posted: 6/24/2024 12:55:18 PM by Tom Stocker
Topics: Packaging, Programming

Evolving consumer demands and competitive pressures continue to drive digital transformation goals, prompting companies to embrace advanced technology. Subsequently, a wide range of innovative robotic solutions with intuitive peripherals are being deployed to effectively deal with market fluctuations, labor unavailability, supply challenges, product concerns and more. So much so, that the scope for robotics is expanding across multiple industry verticals, contributing to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.1% between now and 20321.From welding production to warehousing operations, and nearly every niche between, high-performance industrial robots and human-collaborative robots are cultivating greater versatility, efficiency and reliability for a wide range of applications.

Often struggling to achieve enough flexibility on a single packaging line to accommodate demands, OEMs, machine builders and robot integrators are discovering great benefit from incorporating robust robotic automation with innovative motion control tools, fulfilling unique end user requirements that may otherwise go unfilled.

Production-Enhancing Technology

A key usage that continues to make a difference in high throughput material handling and packaging settings is the application of a single programming environment. With strong expertise in robots, servos and variable frequency drives, Yaskawa enables the ability to easily integrate motion control devices from virtually any manufacturer under a single source. In essence, multiple robots, along with dozens of axes of automated motion, can be powered with one controller in a single programming environment. This method of Singular Control™ makes it possible to:
  • Use one common software for motion axes, robots and logic control, removing the need for a Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) to control motion functions. No specialized robot programming is required.
  • Migrate from motion axes to a gantry robot, robot arms or special mechanism without the need to change application code.
  • Program both robotic and servo motion using familiar tools like ladder logic and PLCopen Function Block programming.
At the core of the Singular Control concept is the implementation of the MP3300iec machine controller and IEC61131-3 compliant MotionWorks® IEC software. Supporting up to 62 axes of motion, this combination provides the ability to interchangeably operate articulated robots, gantry robots, servo axes and variable frequency drives from a single motion controller without the need to change a system’s operating code.

User-Friendly Systems

Overall, the use of this technology aids in the simplification of workcell design, allowing packaging machinery OEMs, for example, to create highly flexible and agile systems to meet stringent requirements. From pre-engineered to customized packaging workcells, the ability to have a production line with dozens of servo axes and multiple robots at the end – all controlled from a single source – is a huge competitive advantage. Along with this, machine maintenance and worker training are also reduced for more streamlined operations.

Always Moving Operations

Overall, the use of the MP3300iec machine controller and MotionWorks IEC software in a single programming environment can optimize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for smoother, more productive operations that area always on the move.

Whether your challenges lie in consumer packaged goods (CPG), food processing or something else, dynamic requirements can be met head-on with cost-effective, highly capable robotic automation. To discover how high-performance robots and their peripherals can bolster your production or warehousing operations, reach out to a Yaskawa expert today.

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Tom Stocker is a Director of North American Sales

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