Y-Blog / ROS 2 and What it Means for Your Yaskawa Robotic Application Development
ROS 2 and What it Means for Your Yaskawa Robotic Application Development

ROS 2 and What it Means for Your Yaskawa Robotic Application Development

Posted: 5/31/2022 1:41:17 PM by Roger Christian
Topics: New Technologies, Software

The availability of more affordable, flexible and capable robots continues to drive automation implementation throughout nearly every industry. Accelerating this usage is the existence of the Robot Operating Systems (ROS) – a royalty-free, open source repository for robotic applications that provides a state-of-the-art mix of algorithms, drivers, functions, software and more.

Introduced over a decade ago, this research platform recently received a much needed upgrade to reliably integrate robot systems for a wider range of environments. Better meeting security concerns and network constraints – as well as accommodating embedded systems, real-time computing and product readiness initiatives – ROS 2 is licensed and business-friendly to provide broad rights to modify, apply and redistribute the technologies available. Companies can leverage ROS 2 without fear of having to disclose intellectual property.

Using many of the same core components, tools and libraries, the Open Robotics team and numerous partners across the robotics ecosystem built ROS 2 from the ground up to effectively enhance capability and performance, and to further enable digital manufacturing environments. Based on the Data Distribution Service protocol (DDS) for the communication layer, this second generation option solves a multitude of challenges – especially security concerns – set forth by modern robotic systems.

Implemented in a high-quality yet flexible manner, ROS 2 allows for authentication, access control and encryption, while working with the DDS solution that best fits an organization’s needs. Moreover, this feature-rich upgrade provides companies with the standardization framework and communication capacity needed to create innovative products to stay competitive. Because DDS implementation for security and QoS (Quality of Service) can be different than the ROS work developers are familiar with, collaborating with a software framework company that specializes in DDS may help save time and ensure optimal functionality.

Yaskawa Robots for Advanced Application Development
As the first major robot company to join ROS-Industrial efforts, Yaskawa Motoman is excited to see how ROS 2 will influence the next wave of the robotic revolution. All current Yaskawa robots are ROS-Capable and Ready to Go! Companies looking to start a brand new project with ROS capability would be wise to implement ROS 2 from inception – as support for the last version of ROS 1 is slated to end in 2025.

With plans to release a new ROS 2 driver in early Fall 2022, Yaskawa is poised to help manufacturers overcome tough challenges. To speak to an expert on how ROS 2 might optimize your specific application, contact us! We understand that the future of advanced manufacturing will continue to evolve and look forward to helping you navigate your pathway to success.

Roger Christian is a Division Leader, New Business Development at Yaskawa America, Inc.– Motoman Robotics Division

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