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Supply Chain Re-invention: How Collaborative Automation Avoids Interruption and Enables Your Future Growth

Supply Chain Re-invention: How Collaborative Automation Avoids Interruption and Enables Your Future Growth

Posted: 1/21/2022 9:08:56 PM by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Collaborative, Logistics, Palletizing, Supply Chain, Trade Shows

As high-mix, low-volume production continues to accelerate and permeate the industrial landscape, so does the need for a fluid supply chain. Add the uptick for e-commerce fulfillment, and the utilization of a comprehensive logistics plan with proven solutions to execute it is a must. To effectively deal with increased demand and accelerated change, many company leaders are “re-inventing” their plans via forward-thinking strategies and cutting-edge technologies to keep competitive, including the use of robotic automation.

Advances in robot manipulation, mobility, and perception have helped to improve application functionality, boosting automation confidence. From parcel sortation and barcode orientation, to container loading/unloading and more, highly reliable and efficient robots are helping manufacturers and suppliers deal with concerns like skilled labor shortages, unfavorable working conditions, factory production bottlenecks and seasonal product demands.

Join Yaskawa at MODEX
To learn more about key industry trends and innovations that can transform your manufacturing production and supply chain operations join our experts at MODEX 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia (March 28-31). At the show, Yaskawa Motoman (booth #C4093) will feature several handling solutions, including:

Collaborative Robot Palletizing Workcell – the industry’s first IP67-rated collaborative robot, the six-axis HC20 showcases how humans can work safely with or in close proximity to robots. Ideal for a variety of tasks including assembly, dispensing, machine tending, material handling, packaging and welding, this robust 20-kg payload capacity cobot offers an impressive 1,900 mm maximum reach. Bolted to a riser, the HC20 with OnRobot gripper demonstrates loading and unloading of a 40 x 48” pallet without the presence of an elevator.

Made of cast aluminum for durability, the HC20 is also IP67-rated and equipped for use in damp or splash-prone environments. An easy-to-clean surface allows use in sanitary environments, and NSF H1 certified food-grade grease enables use in spaces where there is the possibility of incidental food contact. Meeting established safety standards (ISO 13849-1) and complying to ISO TS15066, the HC20 robot offers four modes of collaborative operation, such as Power and Force Limiting (PFL). This cobot can also easily shift between collaborative speed in PFL mode or full speed in industrial mode, optimizing cycle times based on risk assessment and process requirements.

Small-part Processing Workcell – featuring two of the smallest and lightest weight six-axis industrial robots, this demonstration features two MotoMini robots working together to facilitate small-part processing. Ideal for a range of applications like assembly, dispensing, inspection, machine tending and packaging, this robot only weighs 7 kg, making it extremely easy to carry and mount close to workpieces and other machinery in existing lines or cells. With the highest acceleration speeds in a small-size robot, the MotoMini is controlled by the space-saving YRC1000micro that can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal position, as well as within a 19-inch rack.

Hands-on Collaborative Workcell – highlighting PFL technology and the ability to safely work with or in close proximity to humans, this demonstration features three HC10 direct teach collaborative robots. Hand guiding for fast deployment or redeployment on demand, and an easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant, are also featured. Ideal for novice robot programmers, the innovative Smart Pendant utilizes patented Smart Frame technology that determines the user’s orientation relative to the robot. This makes the user the frame of reference and eliminates the use of conventional coordinate (X, Y, Z) frames for easy command of robot movement.

Partner Booth Highlights – to see more examples of advanced technology and robots working together to positively impact the supply chain and logistics space, be sure to visit the Mujin booth.

Offering the world’s first all-purpose intelligent robot control system, Mujin solutions make industrial robots more capable, efficient and reliable to improve productivity. From upstream process to final loading, artificial intelligence and autonomous motion planning help accelerate bin picking, insertion, piece picking, palletizing and depalletizing tasks. Plan to visit the Mujin booth (#B1407) to see how their standard products or custom solutions can improve your operations.

Register for MODEX
While the global impact of COVID-19 on the supply chain seems staggering, advanced technologies and robotic automation can help. As artificial intelligence, machine learning and warehouse management software continue to evolve, so will robotic solutions to help alleviate production and supply chain woes. Be sure to register for MODEX and join our experts in booth #C4093.

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