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Yaskawa and Fronius offer an innovative partnership of processes and expertise that offer quickly tailored solutions to your fabrication needs. With Fronius’s TPS/i equipment, the entire system is intelligent; from the power source to the torch body. Spatter-free and high-speed welding for nearly any material has not been possible until technology advances in TPS/i, with continued improvement with software updates.

TPS/i Power Source

  • Modular design makes it easy to create efficient tailored solutions and an upgradeable system to futureproof your investment.

  • A variety of TPS/i MIG power source kits available in 320A, 400A, 500A, 600A

  • Penetration Stabilizer utilizes intelligent wire control to ensure that current and penetration remain constant and provides a stable arc if the wire stick-out changes.

  • Arc Length Stabilizer maintains a consistently short arc to achieve higher welding speeds.

  • Fronius exclusive intelligent torches are matched for your fabrication specifications, and include water cooled options for high heat input applications

  • Fronius-designed welding packages utilize Yaskawa’s thru-arm design available on the AR1440, AR1730, AR2010, and AR3120 robot models.

  • Unique features like Fronius’s wire teach mode detects edges, height, and gaps that can’t normally be done without a laser sensor.

Miller welding interface for Motoman robots

Fronius Weldcube

Improve Efficiency Through Data + Analytics

Fronus’ Weldcube is welding data management that empowers the user with the analytics they need to improve their process efficiencies while providing and recording system statuses and faults.

  • Provides part traceability required by many industries for proof of quality

  • Average values recorded for each weld seam (time, duration, current, voltage, wire speed, power)

  • View history of job changes and faults

  • Create, edit, delete, compare, and restore jobs

  • Early fault detection

  • User level management

  • Local system or cloud-based storage options

Advanced Welding Processes + Packages

  • Standard systems are upgradeable with the following processes to meet your needs and applications, now and in the future.

  • LSC (Low Spatter Controller) short dip transfer arc is optimized for light-gauge sheet, vertical-up welds, and 100% CO2 applications. Learn More

  • CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) process provides with an extremely lower-power stable arc and the least potential spatter with extremely easy parameter setting. Ideal for specialty high strength or light weight materials, additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping, brazing.

  • CMT Mix is a feature of CMT that provides a more controlled heat input for aluminum and CrNi with defined pulse cycles.  View Video

  • Pulse process enables a pulsed arc that provides outstanding stacked-dime aesthetics for common materials and shield gas combinations.

  • PMC (Pulse Multi Control) offers uniform penetration with low risk of undercutting with “penetration stabilizer” and “arc length stabilizer” technologies. Provides higher speed welding with lower heat input. Ideal for all material thicknesses.

  • PMC Mix is a feature of PMC that assists the welder during positional welding like vertical-up.

  • PMC Mix Drive introduces additional servo torch benefits with the lower heat input process for optimal weld seam appearance and good gap-bridging ability. Great for aluminum and joining heavy and light gauge sheets.

Aluminum Welding Processes

Learn the material characteristics of aluminum and the key considerations you will need to achieve the perfect weld, in this recent webinar presented by Yaskawa + Fronius


Digital Pendant Interface

Control robots and process from the pendant

  • Weldcom 2.0 digital interface allows full control of Fronius process and parameters all from the Yaskawa robot teach pendant.

  • Access process libraries, arc start and end conditions, display of live welding parameters, live arc monitor, make modifications to process parameters, and the capability to adjust Fronius TPS/i features such as Arc Length Stabilizer and Penetration Stabilize.

  • Graphic based screens with parameter control for processes such as SynchroPulse.

  • Connect up to four robots with TPS/i power sources for coordinated control and simplified programming.


Case Study: Armor Lite Trailer Manufacturing

Armor Lite Trailers in Missouri had had demands for strengths and aesthetics on their lightweight aluminum dump trailers. Yaskawa and Fronius were able to deliver the system they need using MA3120 on tracks with Fronius CMT power supplies.

Dependable System Support

One Stop for Product + Process Support

  • All systems are built and fully tested for welding operation before shipping.

  • Yaskawa and Fronius share mutual support on robotic welding systems, ensuring your automated process is running efficiently and effectively.

  • Global Fronius and Yaskawa support for Weldcom digital interface

  • Staffed by technicians who can address both robot and welding related issues, Yaskawa’s Service Hotline (937-847-3200) is open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

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