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ArcWorld HC

Automating your welding process doesn’t have to involve large welding systems for your small and medium parts. With features like lead-to-teach and power force limited sensors, our HC10 collaborative robot allows us to shrink the size of a workcell down to a welding table. The ArcWorld® HC is a complete, yet flexible, solution to automating your welding process. Whether it’s your first robot, or simply augmenting another automated process, the HC10 is built on the same industrial platform as the rest of our AR series welding robots—so you can have extreme reliability and full compatibility as your production grows.


Safety First

All of our ArcWorlds have completed risk assessment, and meet or exceed all RIA and ANSI requirements to keep your employees safe and OSHA satisfied.

Highly Capable

Our true industrial cobot is built on the same high standards and platform as our AR-series welding robots, complete with advanced tools and reliable longevity.

Fast to Deploy

Self-contained package includes robot, workstation, welding equipment, fume mitigation hookup and complete safeguarding that can be deployed anywhere on your floor.


Workcell Design

  • Highly flexible workcell helps to supplement manual welding.

  • Requires only 3.7 square meters of valuable floorspace.

  • Complete workcell with integrated cable management for easy shipping, installation and setup.

  • Enhanced cobot and safeguarding is fully compliant with latest robot safety standards (ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012, ISO and CSA).

Equipment Included

  • A single human-collaborative Motoman® HC10 arc welding robot welds parts with efficiency and consistent high quality.

  • Choice of Miller®, Lincoln or Fronius power supplies.

  • Welding processes are accessed by Yaskawa's Universal Weldcom Interface directly from the robot programming pendant.

Workpiece Capacity

  • Perforated weld fixturing table with a 1000 kg payload.

  • Wide usable area allows for multiple small parts to be processed, or a singular large part.

  • Processes parts up to 500 x 2000 x 800 mm in size (HxWxD).


ArcWorld welding workcell

Creating an ArcWorld

Check out how much time, effort and precision goes into making each ArcWorld.

ArcWorld welding workcell

ArcWorld in Action

Watch how operators can remove and load parts in safety, while robots expertly weld.

Which ArcWorld?

Which ArcWorld is Right for You?

ArcWorlds reduce cost, engineering and delivery time.
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ArcWorld LC spec diagram


Datasheets and Quick Start Videos available on Resources Page.

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