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How much will automation cost?

Do you have a welding process that could benefit from automation? Discover if the initial system investment will meet your ROI and performance goals.

Our payback calculator helps figure out what a rough budget for an arc welding system might be and demonstrates the potential financial gains beyond your target payback period. This can be helpful to establish justification, goals and expectations prior to system design.

Is this a reasonable budget and expectation?

Estimates are for general budgeting purposes based on our long experience with welding automation, though it may also apply to other robotic applications. Some applications may require additional equipment or technology—but we like to keep complexity to a minimum to increase user satisfaction. Example figures do not automatically include potential throughput gains and additional cost savings from reduced scrap. Figures also do not include additional future costs such as accidental damage or third-party tooling or equipment.

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The System Cost Estimate is first calculated from the change in labor costs above. If you have an estimate for a system or wish to visualize a different annual inflation rate, enter those new values and press Update.



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Cash Flow Analysis


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