Positioners / Rotating Turntables
  • Low inertia tabletop available in two diameters; positioner drive unit is available without tabletop for custom tooling or different diameters

  • Metal arc screen divider creates a safety barrier, protecting the operator from arc flash

  • MSR-655 and MSR-1055 models can be used with endless rotation software for continuous rotating applications with multiple programmable stop locations

  • Positioner options include fixture plates to support quick change tools, DeviceNet signal slip-ring with air for fixture utilities, ground brush and multi-station switch kits for continuous rotation, hard stops for reciprocating applications with heavy payloads

  MSR-355 MSR-655 MSR-1055
Payload per side (kg) 355 655 1,055
180° Index Time (sec) 2.48 2.99 4.96
Thru-hole (mm) 75 120 120
Rated Load Inertia (kg·m2) 461 1,040 3,000
Table Diameter (mm) 1,524/1,829 1,524/1,829 1,524/1,829
Rotation Reciprocating Continuous Continuous
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