Used / CPO-127: Pre-Owned ArcWorld 2000

Pre-Owned ArcWorld 2000 (excellent condition, full one-year Motomax I warranty included)

Summary of Features/Options:
ArcWorld 2000 Series Cell Assembly

  • 1 ea. Cell assembly, ArcWorld 2000

  • 1 ea. MA3120, DX200 robot assembly

  • 1 ea. Mesh fence kit with bi-fold doors

  • 1 ea. Pedestal mount operator station


Welding Kit(s)

  • 1 ea. Power source, Miller Auto-Continuum 500 E/IP

  • 1 ea. Wirefeeder, Miller Auto-Continuum, LH

  • 1 ea. Accessory, dress kit, arc welding, YRC1000, AR3120, Miller Auto-Continuum

  • 1 ea. Accessory kit, ComArc IV (through arc seam tracking) with 200V TouchSense (wire touch seam finding)


Torch Kit(s)

  • 1 ea. Torch kit, Dinse, push-pull, 22 deg, water-cooled, aluminum

  • 1 ea. Water circulator, Miller Auto-Continuum


Torch Cleaner(s)

  • 1 ea. Reamer assembly, Tregaskiss TT3, sprayer, cutter with stand


NOTE: Customizable, weld table positioner, additional station etc.

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Arc Welding




6.0 kg

Stock Number:


Horz. Reach:

3121 mm


Motomax I


$118,181.82 USD

Qty. Available:


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