Software / MotoPlus SDK

Control and Monitor Robot System Applications

MotoPlus™ SDK is a software development kit for specialized control and monitoring applications for the robot system. The SDK features a set of programming tools for developing custom application tasks to run directly on the robot controller concurrently with the standard software. These tasks run in real time to control and/or monitor the robot with maximum performance. Actual development is done in the C programming language for minimal overhead.

This full-featured SDK comes as a plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio, ensuring that the developer uses the same development tools that they already use. In addition to extensive documentation, there is a collection of example programs available to help get started.
Key features include:

  • Enables development of applications for integration with nearly any device

  • Allows development to be done offline using a standard Windows PC

  • No additional hardware required

  • Comprehensive set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)


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