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Yaskawa and Lincoln’s powerful capabilities compliment each other as a complete robotic welding solution. Be able to take advantage of Lincoln’s powerful processes like HyperFill® high-speed, high-deposition welding. Teaming up with two of the industry’s foremost experts in welding automation, your manufacturing will be in good hands.

System Features + Options

  • Enhanced Compatibility: Yaskawa’s Universal Weldcom Interface is designed to work seamlessly with Lincoln welding power supplies, ensuring enhanced compatibility, and allowing for more reliable and efficient performance.

  • Optimal Welding Control: Lincoln welding power supplies feature advanced technology that offers precise and optimal control over the welding process. This ensures consistent and high-quality welds, which is essential in many industries.

  • High Performance: Yaskawa robots are known for their reliable and high-performance capabilities, which are complemented by the superior performance of Lincoln welding power supplies. Together, they offer exceptional welding results.

  • Reduced Downtime: The compatibility between Yaskawa robots and Lincoln welding power supplies minimizes downtime associated with troubleshooting or maintenance, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

  • Streamlined Integration: The seamless integration between Yaskawa robots and Lincoln welding power supplies streamlines the setup and configuration process, allowing for a quicker and easier installation.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Both Yaskawa robots and Lincoln welding power supplies are known for their user-friendly interface, making it easy for operators to monitor and control the welding process.

  • Customizable Settings: The compatibility between Yaskawa robots and Lincoln welding power supplies allows for customizable settings, ensuring that the welding process is tailored to the specific needs of each project.

  • Robust Support: Both Yaskawa and Lincoln offer robust customer support, ensuring that any issues or questions related to their products are promptly addressed, and allowing for a more positive overall customer experience.


Lincoln Power Wave®

  • The R450 power supply offers 5-550A of output range, with 450A at 100% duty cycle

  • The S700 power supply offers higher output of 700A at 100% duty cycle

  • ArcLink® integrates seamlessly with Yaskawa’s Universal Weldcom Interface (UWI) to enable complete user control of power supply parameters from the robot teach pendant

  • CheckPoint® production monitoring technology easily tracks essential welding and system data for greater quality control and overall equipment effectiveness

  • STT® Expansion module enables specialty welding processes through modified short circuit Surface Tension Transfer

Miller welding interface for Motoman robotsMiller welding interface for Motoman robots

Advanced Process Waveforms

  • HyperFill® Faster, high deposition welds (up to 18 lbs per hour) with dual wire and very easy setup

  • RapidArc® High-speed pulse with an extremely short arc length and circuit response to minimize spatter

  • Rapid X® A high-speed, ultra low spatter pulse mode that combines RapidArc and STT – great for thinner and galvanized metals

  • STT® Modified short circuit mode, designed for open root welding to bridge minor gaps

  • AC-STT® Performance-designed specifically for thin gauge materials to reduce burn-through and spatter

  • Many more specialized processes, like STT-Braze, Low Fume Pulse, Precision Pulse, Pulse-on-Pulse AND MORE!

One Stop for Product + Process Support

  • All systems are built and fully tested for welding operation before shipping

  • Yaskawa and Lincoln Electric share mutual support on robotic welding systems, ensuring your automated process is running efficiently and effectively

  • Global Lincoln and Yaskawa support for digital Universal Weldcom Interface

  • Staffed by technicians who can address both robot and welding related issues, Yaskawa’s Service Hotline (937-847-3200) is open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year

In addition to top products built to work together, our sales and support teams are cross-trained and ready to help you tackle your welding challenges.


Images courtesy of Lincoln Electric.