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Motoman Robotics' extensive experience in material handling offers significant benefits to you for your project.

Yaskawa Motoman is able to support automation projects in a variety of ways.  For experienced customers, we sell industrial robot arms direct to the end user who can take the responsibility of integrating those robots on their shop floor.  If the customer has an existing relationship with a machine builder or robotics integrator, the robot may be drop shipped directly from Yaskawa Motoman to the customer’s supplier.  For customers who do not have a selected vendor with the appropriate experience, Motoman Robotics may suggest one of our Solution Providers for a project.

Many robot suppliers have decided that they do not want to integrate robots. Yaskawa Motoman  believes that our integration business provides insight to customer needs and allows us to develop better standard products.  For this reason, if a customer would prefer to have the financial stability, technical expertise, and resources of a robot manufacturer as their system integrator, Motoman Robotics' Automation Group may offer the best solution.

How’s Your Imagination?

Material handing is the broadest of all application areas.  Common application areas include machine tending, press tending, palletizing, part transfer, case packing and palletizing.  If one considers just the range of machines that are available, the possibilities seem endless.  With the largest installed base in the world, you can be certain that Yaskawa Motoman has been there and done that.

Why Automate a Material Handling Process?

Robotic handling offers significant benefits for nearly any industry that moves parts or products at scale.  Just some of the benefits are:

Improved Productivity

  • Robots are faster than people in many applications and can reduce unloading and loading time, which improves productivity and results in higher utilization of your capital equipment

  • Unattended operation – In cases where parts can be staged for the robot, production can continue during breaks, lunch and, in some cases, overnight

  • Reliability – Motoman robots are extremely reliable

  • Reduction in Changeover Time – Programs are stored in memory and can be recalled quickly resulting in minimal changeover time.

  • Robotic automation removes the inconsistency of the operator, improves production planning and reduces overtime

  • The robot can perform secondary operations such as deburring or packing the product

Improved Quality

Removing the human element from the loading and unloading process will result in reduced scrap and rework

Reduced Labor Issues

  • Reduced training – When a robot is trained (taught) it’s trained forever.  Training an operator to load product into a cell (when required) takes less training than to complete the process that the robot is doing.

  • Improved worker satisfaction – Workers involved with robotic equipment will be better satisfied with their job

  • Robots don’t talk and distract others from working.  They don’t wander off and they’re always there on task when something needs to be done

  • Fewer workers results in fewer labor issues and avoiding labor shortages

  • Reduced operator injuries and lower insurance premiums


  • Because of their flexibility, robots are easily programmed to handle multiple parts

  • Robots can be re-deployed in other areas of your factory if production needs change

The bottom line is that robotic automation is cost-effective and the profit continues for years.

Material Handling Robots

  • Payloads from 2-900 kg

  • Variety of configurations available with 4-15 axes of motion, including dual-arm robots

  • Wide range of work envelopes

  • Floor-, wall-, shelf- and ceiling-mounted models.

  • Custom or standard grippers available

  • Custom system design and integration available


Select an industrial robot that meets your reach, payload and application requirements.

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