Equipment and Accessories

Customize Your Robot to Reach Peak Performance

Finding the right end-of-arm tool (EOAT), vision system, safety solution, tools and accessories is critical to your application's success. Discover a wide range of our partner products for everything you need to complete your next automation project.

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Grippers + Force/Torque
Various OnRobot Grippers


Electrical, vacuum and adhesive gripping solutions available. Kits include a Yaskawa mechanical adapter, quick-change flange, connectorized cabling, a versatile control module and comprehensive documentation. Function examples are provided for quick deployment. Dual gripper option available.

SMC Gripper EOAT Yaskawa Robot


Air, magnet and modular vacuum units are available for Yaskawa’s collaborative robot models. These kits include mechanical adapters, cabling and comprehensive documentation.

ATI Force/Torque Sensor on Yaskawa Robot


ATI’s Force/Torque Sensor family is easily compatible with GP-series and HC-series robot models. Kits include hardware, extension app and reference jobs for common F/T applications.

Weiss Robotics Griplink + Grippers

Weiss Robotics

Extremely reliable, Weiss Robotics offers high quality grippers, along with excellent service and technological expertise. Their GRIPKIT offers a turnkey gripping solutions for robotic handling technology.

Coval Foam Gripper


COVAL provides clients and users with vacuum handling solutions that meet their goals in terms of profitability, productivity, quality, safety and environmental conservation.

Festo Gripper on Yaskawa Robot


Provides a wide selection of mechanical, electric, vacuum and adaptive grippers with outstanding functionality for optimal product quality. Ideal for our HC‑series cobots and GP-series industrial arms, a range of tasks, including machine tending and micro-gripping in electronics manufacturing, are well-supported.

Joulin EasyFoam Gripper


Offers vacuum gripping solutions to handle complete layers, partial layers and individual wood boards thanks to its auto-regulated Wave System: ideal for feeding woodworking machineries!

Magswitch Grippers


Magswitch Integrated Solutions offers significant new capabilities and improvements in material handling applications to the automation industry. They help replace costly vacuum cups, heavy grippers and problematic pin clamps.

piCOBOT® L Gripper


Evolving automation through progressive gripping, Piab provides lifting and moving solutions. They believe in an automated world where no resources are wasted, and no humans are injured.

PushCorp Gripper - Deburring Application


A robotic tooling manufacturer, specializing in material removal equipment. Inventors of the force compliance device, they have helped automate thousands of robotic processes across the globe.

Robotiq Plug and Play Gripper


Offering electrical and vacuum gripping solutions, their electrical gripper kits include a Yaskawa mechanical adapter, connectorized cabling, an EtherNet/IP control module and comprehensive documentation.

Schmalz Vacuum Gripper


Several modular vacuum gripping options for HC10DTP and a full line of industrial solutions are available. Kits include a Yaskawa mechanical adapter, connectorized cabling and gripper documentation.

Schunk EOAT


Highly modular portfolio of tools for GP-series robots. Kits include a Yaskawa mechanical adapter, connectorized cabling, required valves, preinstalled sensing and gripper documentation. Collaborative options also available.

Zimmer End-of-Arm-Ecosystem - MATCH


With about 2,000 products, Zimmer has a robotics portfolio that includes the ideal solution for any application. Try their robotics product finder to select the correct gripper for your Yaskawa robot.

Vision + Safety


KEYENCE vision system offerings range from all-in-one smart cameras to modular high-speed controllers. Inspection tools ranging from AI functions to rule-based tools provide solutions for various applications.

Cognex Camera


Yaskawa’s Motosight 2D option leverages Cognex’s industry leading products. Kit includes the 8000 series camera, single PoE cable, mounting accessories and Smart Pendant software. YRC Pendant option also available.

Canon Vision inspecting bin with parts

Canon Vision

Canon has created a solution that utilizes leading optical and processing technologies. It automatically recognizes parts, determines the best pick and calculates the most optimal path so that the robot can safely, but surely, pick up the part and move it to its desired destination.

SICK Camera

SICK Vision

SICK’s PLOC2D robot guidance system includes a browser for easy setup and a .yip for fast deployment on YRC controllers.

Photoneo 3D Camera


Based on a patented 3D technology, Photoneo developed the world’s highest-resolution and highest-accuracy 3D camera, thus unlocking the full potential of powerful, reliable, and fast machine learning and also reducing the training and deployment time.

4D Vision

Apera Vision

Apera AI's goal is to make factories more productive by providing robots with human-like vision intelligence and speed. They have unique engineering capabilities in AI and deep learning that drive measurable improvements for customers.

Pickit 3D Vision

Pickit 3D

Offers plug and play 3D camera for your robot that allows it to pick parts of different shapes, materials and sizes. With Pickit you can automate any type of picking application, such as bin picking, machine loading, depalletizing, kitting and assembly, and pick and place.

Mech-Mind 3D Vision Camera


By combining 3D vision with AI technology, Mech-Mind brings automation to the next level and empowers partners and system integrators to manage the most challenging automation tasks, including bin picking, depalletizing and palletizing, picking and placing, assembly, and inspection.

Asyril Vision inspecting parts on feeder

Asyril Vision

EYE+ optimizes the performance of your Asycube flexible feeder with an integrated vision based on AI and a powerful controller. With EYE+ you have an innovative plug and play system that can be easily integrated into any automation machine.

OnRobot Eyes


The OnRobot Eyes makes it easy and affordable to deploy vision for almost any collaborative application. Eyes is ideal for sorting a variety of objects, CNC machine tending with metal parts that are defined by outer shape, and many other pick-and-place applications where orientation is important.

Vitronic machine vision


Offers machine vision technology, ensures safe processes in a wide range of industries. From automotive to logistics to traffic monitoring, they have been serving customers for 40 years.

Zivid 3D machine vision


Zivid is a market-leading, pure play provider of industrial 3D machine vision cameras and vision software for autonomous industrial robot cells, collaborative robot (cobot) cells and other industrial automation systems.

SICK Saftey Products

SICK Safety

Offers a Speed & Separation Monitoring kit designed specifically for Yaskawa (sBot Speed – YA). Kit includes a safety laser scanner, FlexiSoft modules and Yaskawa-specific documentation. Generic Stop State Monitoring options also available.

KEYENCE Safety Products


Machine Safety plays a key role in every factory environment. KEYENCE offers a variety of safety products for any machine guarding application.

Pilz Safety Products

Pilz Safety

As a supplier of automation solutions, Pilz is a company whose name is synonymous worldwide with safety for humans, machines and the environment, providing automation solutions for all industries and sectors.

Banner Safety Products

Banner Safety

Banner is a leading automation source for your manufacturing needs. They offer products and solutions including award-winning sensors, wireless solutions, machine safety, indication and LED lighting.

I/O + Accessories
Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions


Whether you are a custom machine builder with years of guarding experience or an end-user guarding your own manufacturing equipment, AMGS helps you configure the right safety guarding solutions for your application.

Murrplastik dress pack on HC30 Cobot

Murrplastik Dress Pack

Murrplastik is able to provide fully populated robotic dresspack solutions for any robotic application. They develop individual dresspack designs utilizing universally applicable fastening, conduit and protection elements for hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic cables and wires for all standard robots.

Yaskawa HC10-Workstation

HC10 Workstation

Highly economical for integrating the HC10 robot with the high-performance YRC1000 controller into a single package, the extremely portable and compact HC10 Workstation is compatible with the Yaskawa HC10, HC10DT, HC10XP and HC10DTP collaborative robots. Easily redeployed to meet diverse production demands, this mobile solution is well-suited for arc welding, assembly, machine tending and pick and place tasks.

VIPA Products


VIPA, a Yaskawa company, offers easy-to-use I/O expansion options over EtherNet/IP. Digital and analog options available. Kit includes comprehensive documentation linked below.

Asyril Flexible Feeder

Asyril Part Feeder

Asyril has developed vibratory parts flexible feeders to offer an efficient solution for the unbulking of all types of components delivered in bulk.

Nabell Robot Suits

Nabell Suits

Although made for challenging environments, some essential cobot parts like arms damage easily due to extreme environmental factors and operational environments. Nabell functional covers help protect the robot arm from environmental factors that could negatively affect its performance and longevity.

Pendant Armor for Standard and Smart Pendant

Pendant Armor

A one-piece, conformal fitting, energy-absorbing frame protects the Smart Pendant from accidental dropping. Optional touch-sensitive screen protectors are also available. These are shipped pre-cut to the exact screen size, and are guaranteed to perform with the Smart Pendant touch screen.

Protective Robot Coverings from Robosuit


From simple single-axis covers to complete Robsuits, these durable coverings protect the robot arm in harsh environments, including where corrosive chemicals and extreme temperatures are present. Full articulation capability is maintained.

Robot Reels

Robot Reels

Robot Reels LLC has designed the reel you need in your plant! These robot teach pendant cable reels are designed from the ground up to withstand the toughest industrial environments, lasting a long time!

Vention custom solutions


Vention offers mounting plates for Yaskawa robots. Robust designs with rapid delivery can be viewed in the Parts Library. A next-generation digital manufacturing platform for machine design is also available, enabling users to design, order and assemble custom equipment in a few days.

WireCrafters protective fencing


Offers simple, effective barriers to protect personnel from the dangers posed by automated equipment. These solutions are a strong and economical solution to plant safety needs. Versatility of this system allows easy integration of access doors or larger openings with system controls.

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