Positioners / H-Frame Turntables
  • Three servo-motor control

    • All axes can turn simultaneously while indexing

    • Operator can jog station axis while robot welds

  • Ergonomic loading and programming heights

  • MotoMount fixture mounting system for quick change and longer life

  • Arc screen for flash protection and curved sides to block entry into workcell

  • Integrated carbon brushes provide long life and high amperage (800 A) capacity
    required for multiple robots and pulsed welding

  MSR2S-500 MSR2S-750
Payload (kg per side) 500 750
Fixture length (m) 2.0 3.0
Max. Fixture Diameter (m) 1.3 1.3
180-deg Index Time (sec) 3.70 5.00
Tooling Axis Speed (rpm) 19.6 20.7
Tooling Axis Torque (Nm) 625 1,068
Tailstock Thru-hole (mm) 41 41
Load/Program Height (mm) 821/970 821/970
Weld ground capacity (Amps@100% duty cycle) 800 800
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