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Blogtastic! Top Yaskawa Blog Posts of 2023

Blogtastic! Top Yaskawa Blog Posts of 2023

Posted: 12/13/2023 1:41:55 PM by Sarah Mellish
Topics: New Industries, Tips and Tools

Our dedicated team of experts works diligently to deliver high quality, innovative robotic solutions that help our customers and partners be more competitive globally. With this in mind, we seek to provide helpful content on a wide range of innovative robotic solutions and their intuitive peripherals that may be beneficial as well. That said, here are the top ten Y-Blog posts from 2023:
#10 – Shedding Light on the Path to Dark Warehouses
The realm of ecommerce and order fulfillment continues to prompt the utilization of highly capable and efficient robots. As consumer requirements evolve and technology advances, more companies are exploring the concept of dark warehouses to meet stringent demands. This blog explores key drivers for fully automated facilities and how they may be beneficial in the future.
#9 – Common Applications for Starting with Robots
One of the most popular questions our robotic experts are asked is, “Where should robotic automation be added to my production space?” While the answer greatly depends on a range of factors, there are several applications first-time robot users might want to consider. From handling and screwdriving to welding, finishing and more, read on to see where robotic automation may make a difference in your operations.
#8 – Collaborative Palletizing: A Logical First Step into Robotic Automation
Well-suited for streamlining operations while enhancing the bottom line, robotic palletizing is one of the easiest applications to automate. To meet diverse application requirements, collaborative robots are being used more frequently for this task. Newer cobot designs and software upgrades are aiding this usage. Read more about this technology and the benefits it can bring to see if collaborative palletizing is a good fit for your organization.
#7 – The Proven Power of Robotics and AI in Logistics
Indispensable in the order fulfillment space, the use of high-performance robots paired with intuitive peripherals are bridging gaps for distribution operations. The usage of 3D robotic vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling a range of innovative solutions for loading, unloading, sorting, picking, packaging and palletizing. Discover more about the benefits of this technology and how it can potentially streamline workflow and increase throughput for greater productivity gains.
#6 – What to Expect When Budgeting for a Robotic Welding System
Today’s cost-effective robots and automation systems with user-friendly features are helping to tackle tough jobs for a variety of applications. That said, decision makers looking to add robots to production may find some benefit to estimating how quickly a robotic system may be profitable. Read more to learn about this process and to try out Yaskawa’s Welding Robot Payback Calculator.
#5 – Learning the Basics: ArcWorld HC Video Tutorials
The use of collaborative robots for the purpose of welding continues to rise. Offering a variety of benefits, including improved floorspace utilization and part optimization, the use of highly flexible cobots is ideal for replacing or supplementing manual welding. Learn more about our HC-series robot offerings and watch a video tutorial that discusses the ArcWorld® HC in-depth. ArcWorld HC Start-up, Weld-In-Teach, ReStart, Touch Sensing Option and more are covered.

#4 – What’s Taking Shape with Additive Manufacturing and Robotics?
Additive manufacturing continues to drive advanced manufacturing prototyping and production forward. More reliable 3D printing technology, along with advancements in motion control, power conversion and robotics are enabling faster creation of sophisticated, durable objects through a variety of methods. Learn more about this process and how the use of robots in this space offers an expedient, cost-effective option for various applications.
#3 – Robotic Automation Fosters Next-Gen Farming
The need for year-round, high-quality crop yield is on the rise, transforming the agricultural industry as we know it. In urban areas, smart greenhouses and indoor vertical farms integrated with advanced technologies, including robots, are meeting multiple challenges in this space. From supplementing the labor-intensive tasks of seed planting to leveraging AI and machine learning to optimize conditions for more sustainable growth, this blog covers a range of popular vertical farm trends.
#2 – Tips for Updating YRC Controller Software and Adding a Second PFL Rest/Resume Button
Customer feedback is one of our most important assets at Yaskawa. As a result, our in-house experts are consistently seeking to provide the necessary tools for end users to success. This blog speaks to important software updates for the newer YRC1000 and YRC1000micro controllers.
#1 – The Eclectic Road to Working in Robotics
Have you ever wondered what it takes to land a job in the robotics industry? It’s not a cookie cutter approach. From attending vocational school and acquiring an internship to earning a four-year degree and more, this blog covers multiple career paths people can take to gain employment at a robot company.

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