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These featured pages present customer and industry challenges that are solved by our robot automation. Yaskawa experts offer a wealth of experience creating solutions for many industry problems. If you're in fabrication, manufacturing, material handling or logistics, visit these pages dedicated to those topics.

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

From aluminum weld methods for making vehicles lighter to laser welding, adhesive dispensing and more for lithium-ion battery production, extremely reliable high-performance robots are essential to green vehicle production.

Food & Beverage robots in action

Food and Beverage

Industrial Robots for Food Industry Applications

Whether your focus is on protein, cereal, bakery, snack and confectionary, dairy, beverage, or other wet/dry goods, our fast, flexible and reliable solutions can address your toughest challenges.

Material Handling Webinars

Material Handling


The Yaskawa Webinar Series educates and informs with presentations on robotic processes, products and technologies from our in-house experts and strategic partners. Gain helpful insights from these popular material handling webinars.

Customer working with specialist

Dedicated To Your Success

You can count on Yaskawa to be a committed partner with a proven track record of industry-leading innovations. Robotics and automation are delivering game-changing operational improvements and business benefits to move your organization forward.

Robotic Education and Training

Build the Future of Automation

STEM Robotics and Workforce Development Solutions

Teach robotics using the same industrial-grade equipment in factories around the world, academic tools, and portable robot modules facilitate training.

Job Shop Worker Welding

Job Shop Automation

Let robotic welding workstations boost your production

Automated welding cells come in different shapes and sizes. From large customized systems to compact welding cells, the right solution for your shop is available.

Time to Automate - Thermal Application

Time to Automate?


Skilled welders are in high demand. Yaskawa has automation solutions that can help you multiply their effort to meet production needs.

Time to Automate - Handling Application

Time to Automate?

Material Handling

Discover how Yaskawa's automation solutions can help your business adapt to optimize throughput and increase quality. The time to automate is today.

Meet Yaskawa Motoman

Meet Yaskawa Motoman

Get to Know Yaskawa Motoman

Yaskawa Motoman continues to develop robotic technology that enables you to keep a competitive edge.

Robot Welding Video Gallery

Robot Welding

Video Gallery

Our experts and integrator partners can deliver a robot welding solution that fits your business.

Material Handling Video Gallery

Material Handling

Video Gallery

Automation solutions for logistics, picking, packing, palletizing, and machine tending.


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