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Technological advancements and manufacturing changes for the automotive industry continue to drive innovation. To accommodate rising demand for affordable, eco-friendly modes of transportation with less moving parts, electric vehicles (EVs) equipped with high-capacity batteries are now the focus of the future.

Effectively replacing cars with internal combustion engines, fully electric EVs known as battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hybrid EVs called plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) are boosting vehicle efficiency for consumers around the world.

Preparing to meet green vehicle production capacity head-on, manufacturers are proactively implementing robotic automation to address a wide variety of tasks. From aluminum weld methods for vehicle lightweighting to laser welding, adhesive dispensing and more for lithium-ion battery production, extremely reliable high-performance robots are rising to the occasion.

Proven Capability

With payloads from 0.5 to 900 kg and robot reach options up to 4,683 mm, small and large application requirements are easily met.

Optimum Efficiency

Offering exceptional speed and accuracy, Yaskawa robots help reduce cycle times, eliminating bottlenecks and amplifying capacity for greater production throughput.

High Reliability

Well-suited for dull, dirty and dangerous tasks, robot integration bolsters the current workforce and optimizes worker safety.


Why Robots for EV Battery Production?

Yaskawa's high performance robots are a highly logical solution for handling large, heavy battery tray assemblies and more. Our robotic solutions provide many advantages, meeting electric vehicle production and supply chain snags head-on.


Material Handling

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A diverse robot line-up and a variety of gripper options easily accommodates heavy car and truck bodies, as well as handling flat and cylindrical tasks associated with electric battery manufacturing.
► Material Handling

Next-Generation Welding

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Proven methods for aluminum alloys, including arc and spot welding, fixed and remote laser welding, hybrid laser welding and friction stir welding, facilitate peak battery pack production and quality.
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Precision Painting and Dispensing

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A robust variety of robotic solutions provides the utmost precision, consistency and coverage for the painting of car frames and spraying adhesive onto EV batteries.
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Component Assembly

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Extremely fast robots and advanced technologies work together to perform multiple fastening processes such as flow drilling and self-pierce riveting for battery enclosures. Other tasks like machine tending for powertrain, motor and crankcase production are also accommodated.
► Robotic Assembly

Visual Inspection

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Robust robotic vision technologies for 2D and 3D part recognition enable robots to carry out fast, accurate weld seam inspection and cooling tray installation. 
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Robotic Machining

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A wide range of robotic solutions effectively addresses a variety of parts that may be needed during EV battery production to meet surging demands. 
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Material Handling

Material Handing Brochure
► Material Handling Robots:

EP-series, GP-series, 
HC-series, HP-series,
MotoMini, PH-series


Painting/Coating Brochure
► Painting Robots:

EPX-series, MHP45L,


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