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Automate Your Workflow

Improve speed, capacity and accuracy for your current up- and down-stream processes with Yaskawa’s clinical lab solutions that are capable of:

Workflow Management

Manages workflow of specimens through the pre- and post-analytic sequence.

Component Integration

Integrates components of the automation system (sorting, conveyance, decapping, CSS, etc.)

LIS Connection

Configurable interface enables connectivity to a wide variety of LIS platforms.

Flexible Configuration

Configures to accommodate volume increases, workflow changes and additional process equipment.

Future-Proof your System Investment

Yaskawa’s track-based process automation solutions are scalable and can easily evolve to add or change processes, throughput and configuration. Integrated systems connected by a specimen transport conveyor can manage workflow for over 3,000 specimens per hour. Each system above is highly configurable to accommodate a variety of workflows.

Deploying Automation in Clinical Labs Webinar - Watch Now
Deploying Automation in Clinical Labs Webinar - Watch Now

Custom Process Solutions Motoman offers extensive process engineering and development capabilities to address unique specimen processing and other clinical lab workflow needs. Solutions include: thaw and mix, relabeling, kitting, instrument connectivity, IT solutions and custom rack development.

Benefit from our experience in designing lab automation systems for some of the world's top clinical labs and schedule a consultation today.

System Highlights


Yaskawa Motoman offers a variety of AutoSorter specimen processing solutions that are ideal for a range of clinical laboratory environments. AutoSorter provides improved processing accuracy, specimen traceability and relieves laboratory staff of repetitive tasks and exposure to infection. Various configurations include centrifugation, decapping and sorting to instrument racks, as well as archive consolidation. They may be standalone or linked together with aliquoters, recappers and other process-specific instrumentation.

AutoSorter XN

  • Provides pre- and post-analytic specimen processing for the Sysmex XN-Series hematology line.

  • Processes up to 1,100 specimens/hour, addressing high-volume commercial lab requirements such as bulk loading and high-speed specimen sorting.

  • Large sort deck maintains increased quantities of specimens, facilitating fully automated workload balancing for extended walk-away times.

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AutoSorter 1200

  • Processes up to 1,200 specimens/hour for rack-based pre-analytic sorting and post-analytic sorting/archiving.

  • Operates as a "standalone" sorter or as one in a series of processing stations in a conveyorized line.

  • Configurable deck features drawers and/or flow-through conveyors to feed specimens into sorter and to present racks for sort targets.

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AutoSorter 2000

  • Utilizing the AutoSorter 1200 platform, the AutoSorter 2000 addresses common requirements for high-volume commercial labs, such as bulk loading, various container types and data connectivity.

  • Processes up to 2,000 specimens/hour for bulk-handled specimens.

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Case Study

Sorting Through the Details of an Automation Solution

This article provides a thorough overview of Mayo Medical Laboratories' sort automation system, along with top lessons learned throughout the entire process of selecting, building, and implementing the system.
Learn more >

Example Videos

Bulk Sorter

High-throughput, front-end sorter for commercial lab workflow optimization. Hopper-loaded specimens are sorted to 24 output targets, each holding up to 200 tubes. 


AutoSorter 1200

High-speed sorting instrument for pre- and post-analytic specimen  processing. Operates as a “standalone” sorter or as one in a series of connected instruments on a puck-based track. 


Track-based Solutions

Automate and optimize your workflow for pre-analytic, post-analytic and front-to-back clinical lab processes with a fully integrated track-based solution.


Dual-arm Robot Demo

RBI is located in Tokyo, Japan, to develop the technology platform to serve biological research experimentation by using the dual-arm humanoid robot.

Clinical Expert Feature - Read Now
Clinical Expert Feature - Read Now

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