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Robotic Solutions for Packaging

Yaskawa integrated packaging solutions are designed around industry-specific requirements and are accompanied by application-enabling software and vision capabilities to help you meet the demands of today’s food, beverage and consumer products marketplace.


Why Robots for Picking and Packing?

Robotics adds speed, flexibility and consistency to secondary packaging applications such as tray packing, tray handling, case packing, case erection and handling, bottle packing, shrink-wrapping, pouch handling and more.

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Why Yaskawa Motoman?

As a global leader in mechatronics, Yaskawa offers integrated solutions with a broad array of industrial, collaborative and specialty robots, combined with integrated motion control systems and expert support for your entire packaging line. 

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Featured Solutions
ArcWorld LC low-cost welding cell

New SG-Series SCARAs deliver blazing speed and pinpoint accuracy, with a small footprint.

MotoPick 4 coordinates and simplifies complex packaging processes.


Use ladder logic to program robots alongside all the motion on your line with MLX300 software.


Packaging Robots

Yaskawa Motoman offers picking and packing robot models compatible with simple-to-integrate controllers, robust vision and powerful software products. We provide the flexibility and reliability organizations need to meet fast-paced demands.

Fast, Accurate and Reliable

For high speed picking, collating, part-transfer, singulation, sorting, packing and inspection, our families of pick-and-place / pick-and-pack robot models include serial-linked articulated arms with 5- or 6-degrees of freedom, delta-style parallel arms and high-speed SCARA arms.

Software + Vision

More Capability for Your Packaging Line

To aid with ease of use and faster application development, Yaskawa Motoman offers a suite of software technology such as MotoSight 2D and MotoSight 3D for vision integration, as well as conveyor tracking for parts moving at high speed on multiple lines.


Unlock the Full Potential of Robotics

Ensure success in your next robotics project with unmatched operational and application support included for the life of every robot. Combine that with our renowned service and training programs, and Yaskawa Motoman stands alone as your best partner to minimize risk and maximize return on your investment.

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