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Build and Simulate a Robotic Workcell

Offline programming, 3D simulation and Virtual Robot Control all make it easy to build and simulate a robotic cell without ever installing a robot. Yaskawa provides MotoSim® EG-VRC for building and simulating your robot cell. In addition, if you need to ensure you select the proper robot based upon load ratings and payload, let MotoSize determine the proper robot model.

MotoSim EG-VRC

MotoSim EG-VRC (Enhanced Graphics Virtual Robot Controller) is designed for accurate offline programming of complex systems. With the virtual robot controller function, simulation software can be used for:

  • Optimizing robot and equipment placement

  • Reach modeling

  • Accurate cycle calculations

  • Automatic path generation

  • Collision detection

  • System configuration

  • Condition file editing

  • Functional Safety Unit (FSU) configuration

  • Remote access to real robot controller

The virtualized controller also allows the simulation software to operate and display a programming pendant interface identical to the real controller. The VRC completely simulates the Motoman® robot controller software.

With access to the MotoSim EG-VRC Model Library, you can also download a broad library of third party models for your use.

Yaskawa Webinar Replays

MotoSim Live Walkthrough

Watch along as application engineer Nelson Barksdale walks through the key simulation and offline programming features of MotoSim EG-VRC.

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