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Experience Easy Automation at Automate

Experience Easy Automation at Automate

Posted: 26/03/2019 12:42:06 p. m. by Sarah Mellish
Topics: Collaborative, Controls, Handling, Machine Vision, New Technologies, Programming, Trade Shows

Sophisticated demands and shifting markets are transforming the industrial landscape, necessitating the need for smart technology and easy-to-use robots that can help companies of all sizes easily adapt to changing manufacturing requirements. If gaining flexibility, enhancing customization, boosting productivity and decreasing costs are on your “operational bucket list”, it’s time to learn more and experience easy automation at Automate 2019.

North America’s broadest automation event, Automate showcases the full spectrum of automation technology and solutions. From traditional industrial applications to cutting-edge technologies, this biennial show hosts over 500 exhibiting companies and 20,000+ attendees.

At the show, discover why Yaskawa is the smart choice for easy automation. Our booth (#7144) will highlight several new Smart Series products that allow quick and easy implementation of a robot system. Specifically designed to provide simple, intuitive robot programming methods for manufacturers branching out into robotics, the Smart Series line includes the collaborative HC10DT robot, the industrial MotoMini robot, the GP7, GP8, and GP12 robots, as well as the Smart Pendant and the YRC1000micro robot controller.

Whether you’re new to robotic automation or adding technologies to your workplace, we’re excited for you to visit our booth to see demonstrations, collaborative technologies and innovative advancements including:

Easy Hands-on Programming
Come experience how easy robot programming can be with the HC10DT collaborative robot. Designed to work safely with, or in close proximity to humans, the HC10DT (direct teach) robot features Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology and offers hand-guided teaching for fast deployment or redeployment on demand.

Combined with the ultra-compact YRC1000micro robot controller and the new easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant, which radically changes the way a robot is programmed via patented Smart Frame technology, this hands-on demo is a must see.

Flexible Industrial Collaboration
Easily integrated with existing automation, the HC10 collaborative robot reduces the need for hard safety enclosures and will be featured in a machine tending workcell. Ideal for tasks that require a robot to work with, or in close proximity to humans, this HC10 demo highlights Speed and Separation Monitoring—a collaborative mode where additional sensing devices (i.e., laser scanners and light curtains) for safety zone monitoring are used.

Small Robot, Big Features
MotoMINI_InHandBe sure to stop by the MotoMini display to see two of the smallest and lightest six-axis robots in the industry work closely together to facilitate small part processing. Featuring the highest acceleration speeds in a small-size robot, the MotoMini is compact and only weighs 7 kg, making it easy to carry and ideal for mounting close to workpieces and other machinery in existing lines or cells.

The MotoMini is controlled by the ultra-compact YRC1000micro robot controller. The smallest robot controller in its class, the YRC1000micro’s space-saving design enables installation in either a vertical or horizontal position, as well as within a 19-inch rack.

Powerful, Yet Easy, Vision
See how fast and easy it is to recognize structured and semi-randomly placed parts for machine loading, assembly, packaging, palletizing and more with enhanced MotoSight™ 2D vision. Cost-effective and easy to integrate, this high-performance hardware/software solution features a space-saving Cognex camera and utilizes leading PatMax® pattern recognition software. MotoSight 2D will be featured on the high-speed and compact GP8 robot.

Quick Implementation Time
Engineered with exceptionally fast axis speeds  and acceleration capabilities to increase productivity for a wide variety of applications, two GP7 robots will operate in close proximity to demonstrate fast-paced palletizing, using PalletSolver®, a revolutionary robotic palletizing software that enables offline pallet pattern generation.

Part of the GP-series family of robots, the GP7 and GP8 robots offer a compact, space-efficient design and an easy-to-clean surface for use in sanitary or harsh environments.

Fast, Reliable Recognition
Come see how robotic vision becomes reality with MotoSight™ 3D BinPick. The next generation of vision technology for bin picking applications, this system uses a single 3D camera with integrated lighting to quickly and easily recognize and pick parts that are randomly placed in bins. 3D CAD matching provides simplified, accurate part registration, allowing even complicated parts to be identified.

This demonstration will also highlight how the extremely agile high-speed MotoMini robot can be mounted close to workpieces and other machinery, taking your small-part process to the next level.

Real-time Device Visualization
At the show, be sure to see how all of the devices in our booth are connected to Yaskawa Cockpit™, the new software platform that monitors, accumulates and visually delivers operational data in real time for networked production environments.

A key component of Yaskawa’s i3Mechatronics vision of Industry 4.0, Yaskawa Cockpit’s integrated approach provides the ability to synchronize all factory and operational knowledge, enabling companies to implement data-driven optimized planning that maximizes efficiency and throughput. One of the first robot management systems that is extensible, Yaskawa Cockpit will also be featured at the show on several robots and non-robot devices in five partner booths:

  • OnRobot A/S – Automate Booth #6773
  • Robotiq – Automate Booth #7165
  • Schmalz – ProMat Booth #S2715
  • Soft Robotics Inc – Automate Booth #8163
  • Zimmer Group US Inc – Automate Booth #7963

Singular Control
Our sister division, Drives & Motion, will display the use of Singular Control—the ability to run multiple mechanisms on one standard Yaskawa machine controller. Come watch as four types of robotic devices, under the control of a single MP3300iec controller (running standard IEC 61131-3 function block programming and a PackML user interface), work seamlessly together to quickly and precisely achieve a packaging-style sorting task.

This demo includes the extremely compact MotoMini robot, the high-speed GP8 robot, and an innovative pick-and-place robot (a dual 4-bar mechanism mounted at the side of a standard conveyor belt rather than above).

Flexible Each-Picking Automation
Try your hand as a robot “crew chief”! Coping with massive variation is a holy grail for automating each-picking in logistics. PlusOne Robotics will demonstrate the GP7 robot dynamically picking mixed items using advanced 3D vision and AI software. When the perception encounters something that it doesn't know how to handle, learn how the YonderOne web app instantly allows you, the “crew chief”, to take charge, seeing what the robot sees and commanding its next move.

Comprehensive Support Services
One robot or hundreds, learn how we are committed to every customer. Our Yaskawa Support Services experts will help you realize how your organization can maximize uptime, accelerate return on investment and ensure long-term performance through technical support, field service, parts, training, repair and retrofit, and life cycle management.

Knowledge to “Win the Future”
The theme for this year’s show is, “Win the Future”. Please make plans to gain the knowledge you need to drive success by attending the following conference sessions where our Yaskawa Motoman experts will be presenting on various topics:

  • Smart Industrial Robots – Before and After AI
    (Track: AI, Digitalization & Smart Manufacturing, April 10, 9am - 10am)

    Senior Director of Technology – Yaskawa Innovation, Chetan Kapoor, will discuss how the use of industrial robots can have cost and capability advantages over comparable collaborative robots. All aspects of a customer’s journey will be covered including Knowing, Ordering, Learning, Deploying, Operating and Maintaining.
  • Building a Robotics Cell Champion
    (Track: How to Automate, April 11, 10am - 11am)

    Product Manager – Welding Robotics, Josh Leath, will discuss one clear defining variable of successful automation implementation: whether a company has invested in a robotics cell champion. Discussion will cover how this person will own the implementation, development and success metrics of a robotic workcell at your organization.
  • The New Rules of Engagement Between Robots & Humans and Their Impact on Manufacturing 
    (Track: Collaborative & Mobile Robotics, April 11, 1pm - 2pm)

    Senior Product Manager – Yaskawa Innovation, Bernardo Mendez, will discuss how Human Robot Collaboration (HRC) can help provide some of the productivity needed to meet variable demand, short product cycles and increasing product customization. The concept of transitioning from centralized to distributed manufacturing for managing the uptick in manufacturing complexity will also be presented.

In between sessions, we look forward to seeing you at our booth, where you can grab a cold beverage at the Yaskawa Motoman Pub from our HC10 robotic bartender.

For those of you looking to expand your knowledge on material handling, logistics and the supply chain at the ProMat show next door, you may find the E-BookThe Landscape of Industrial Manufacturing and Warehouse Robots, helpful in preparation.

Come learn how to “Win the Future” at Automate, and experience how easy automation can be with Smart Series products and more by stopping by the Yaskawa booth.

Sarah Mellish is a Marketing Content Specialist

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