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Trends in Robotic Welding
Get Ahead of the Curve: Trends that Will Improve Your Workflow

Wednesday August 7, 2024 - 2:00 PM ET


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Robotic Simulation, OLP and Digital Twinning

Presenter: CENIT AG

Presented by CENIT, a global leader in the development of 3D digital factory and manufacturing simulation software, this webinar will focus on “Digital Twin” in the context of Yaskawa automation solut

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Robot Data For Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Presenter: Matt Hartshorn, Josh Leath

We discuss how data from robots and connected machines work together to provide engineering and operations managers important intelligence about their production.

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Autonomous Robots for High-Mix Finishing Processes

Presenter: Robert Ravensbergen - Omnirobotic

Self-programming AI systems, leveraging machine vision and newly available parallel processing capability, can transform the existing industrial robots into automated process systems.

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Welding Advances in General Industry

Presenter: Panel Discussion

Join our roundtable of expert welding engineers (Van Pratt, Chris Anderson and Heath Lynnes) as we discuss recent developments for welding in general industry.

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Yaskawa Direct LIVE - Handling Day

Presenter: Multiple Presenters

See how technology advancements have improved the speed and intelligence of robots - opening new possibilities for automating picking, packing, sorting, tending and assembly applications.

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