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Motoman has a dedicated in-house tooling group within our Automation Group that provides custom part-holding fixtures as well as end-of-arm tooling. This capability allows customers to deal with Motoman as a single-source for their custom robotic systems and fixtures/tooling – and AG’s involvement assures that the fixtures/tooling will work properly with the robot system.

ASG_gripper.jpgEnd-of-Arm Tooling

Motoman also provides a single source for custom end of arm tooling that meets your application needs. This includes mechanical grippers, vacuum grippers, bottle grippers, and multi-function grippers. Grippers include all electricals and pneumatics.

Fixtures, Tooling, and Quality Assurance

fixture.jpgMotoman continues to be the world leader in robotic welding, and we have more experience and expertise in this area than any other robot company. Motoman has been supplying custom fixtures and tooling as part of complete robotic systems since the company began in 1989.

Many of our customers, particularly those in the automotive industry, must meet stringent quality and statistical process control (SPC) requirements. Motoman Application Engineers will analyze individual component tolerances to determine whether the total assembly can meet specified tolerances. They will also make suggestions that will help customers simplify their parts to make robotic processing possible or easier to accomplish.

Motoman welding robots have Com-Arc, Touch-Sense and Seam-Tracking options available that can help solve most part variability issues. Motoman also offers application-specific welding robots that are specifically designed for welding in tight spaces that could not be reached by traditional welding robots.