Yaskawa Motoman Robot Controllers

We offer three platforms for the programming and control of Yaskawa robots. If you’re an experienced robot user with an arc welding or material handling application and want to leverage the power of our INFORM language, the DX200 controller should be the first consideration. If you’re new to industrial robots and want to program your robot arms directly from a PLC using your existing staff, the MLX200 controller may be the answer. If you are assembling or handling small parts and need a small size robot controller, consider FS100.

Robot Controller Models Available:


The DX-series is the most powerful standard robot controller on the market. The core software for process applications has been proven with over 30 years in manufacturing plants around the world. All applications ranging from handling to painting, welding, etc. are supported by this robot control platform.

DX200 also supports world-leading functional safety that is required for collaborative application development and certification. Learn more...

mlx200.jpgMLX200 Unified Controls

The MLX series is the only industrial robot controller built from the ground up around PLC programming - in the native PLC language.

If your staff understands and supports Rockwell Automation RSLogix software the MLX platform will provide the easiest way to develop, train, and support your plant personnel. Learn more...


The FS-series offers compact and powerful robot control, designed for small parts handling and assembly. The FS100 can be programmed in our INFORM language or in C++, C# utilizing our MotoPlus SDK. Learn more...


Please click below for information on previous-generation robot controllers.Motoman DX 100 Robot Closeout