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Robotic Packaging

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Our integrated packaging solutions are designed specifically around industry-specific requirements and are accompanied by application enabling software and vision capabilities. Yaskawa packaging systems bring ease of use, speed and flexibility to help you meet the demands of today’s food, beverage and consumer products marketplace.


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Pick and Place Automation

Articulated and delta robots can be combined with synchronized conveyor belts to perform high speed pick-and-place operations. Multiple robots, vision systems and multi-part conveyors are coordinated by a common software solution for accurate product sorting and package insertion.


Picking and Packing

Flexibility is essential in high speed case packing. This means combining gantry robots, articulated robots and servo-driven motion automation into a system that uses all three technologies to their best advantage. Yaskawa is uniquely equipped to achieve this goal, thanks to Singular Control™ capabilities that put robots, motion and drives to work under a single software package.

Design your ideal case packing application with gantry robots, then switch to articulated robots without the need for extensive reprogramming. It’s all part of Singular Control, which eliminates the need for a separate robot controller and a specialist in robot programming. 



Flexible case packing & palletizing for Rockline Industries

Motoman integration partner CRG Technologies worked with Rockline industries to integrate a flexible case packing and palletizing system for flow-wrapped packs of baby wipes..

MLX robot control enables all programming to be handled from Rockline's existing PLC, using ladder logic - making the system more simple to program, operate and reproduce for other lines and locations.

Read the Case Study from Packaging World


Download the white paper "Understanding the 3Rs of Robotic Piece-Picking"More Case Studies

Packaging Software and Vision


To aid with ease of use and faster application development Yaskawa Motoman offers suite of software technology such as MotoSight 2D and MotoSight 3D for vision integration, conveyor tracking for tracking and handling parts moving at high speed on multiple lines, and MotoPick software that combines the vision and tracking with built in part scheduling in case you application requires multiple robots synchronizing the operations for tray-packing, singulating and more.


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PLC Integration Options

Singular ControlSingular Control

Robots, servos and drives work together seamlessly under Singular Control™ to boost throughput for three of the most critical applications. See this combined control of Yaskawa robots, servos and variable speed drives at work in our Singular Control automation demo, as dramatized by our Singular Control video.



Learn more at yaskawa.com


PLC robot control with the MLX interface

MLX Unified Controls

The MLX family of PLC integration solutions provides an interface that enables the programming and control of Motoman industrial robots with the widely accepted Rockwell Automation Programmable Logic Controllers.


Explore MLX Options

Packaging Robots

MH24_CasePacker_12_1_15_jpg-877940-edited.jpgYaskawa Motoman offers packaging robot models compatible with simple-to-integrate controllers, robust vision and powerful software products. We provide the flexibility and reliability organizations need to compete.

Pick and Place Robots

For high speed picking, collating, part-transfer, singulation, sorting and inspection robots range from 2kg payload capacity to 10kg with cycle-times as high as 150 cycles per minute. Our family of pick and place robot models includes serial-linked articulated arms with 5 or 6 degrees of freedom, delta-style parallel arms with 4 degrees of freedom, and SCARA style 4-degree of freedom arm.


Pick and Pack Robot

Applications in secondary packaging are vast and varied including but not limited to tray packing, tray handling, case packing, case erection and handling, bottle packing, shrink-wrapping, pouch handling and packing and so on. Depending on reach, payload and speed requirements, articulated arm robots ranging from 5kg to 50kg with 4-7 degrees of freedom could be employed with equal ease.

In addition to the application enabling technologies, Yaskawa offers value added technologies such as MotoSim Enhanced Graphics (EG) and MotoSim EG VRC (Virtual Robot Controller) for offline programming, validation and testing.

Our complete line of pick and pack / pick and place robots are below, including high-speed delta robots from our MPP3 line plus a versatile array of articulated arm models.


Capable of fulfilling a wide variety of project needs, the GP600 is ideal for heavy-payload...

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The exceptionally powerful and efficient GP35L robot increases productivity for a wide range...

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Eliminating the need for a liner track, the extended-reach GP180-120 increases productivity...

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The six-axis GP180 robot provides fast and accurate performance to boost productivity for...

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Achieve the high transfer capability of the GP-Series robots for large parts with this...

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Equipped with the highest acceleration in a small-sized robot, the MotoMini is 20% faster...

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Achieve high transfer capability with highest payload, speed and wrist allowable moment in its...

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Achieve high transfer capability with the extremely fast and efficient GP12 robot. Offering...

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Ideal for high-speed assembly and handling applications, the GP7 robot is fast, compact and...

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Ideal for high-speed assembly and handling applications, the GP8 robot is fast and compact....

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This 4-axis robot is ideal for a variety of end-of-line or distribution center...

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Powerful high-speed 6-axis robot is ideal for many applications and processes. Increased 24...

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The MPK2F and MPK2F-5 are high-performance 5-axis robots designed for high-speed picking and...

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Powerful high-speed six axis robot is ideal for multitude of applications. 12 kg wrist...

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The high-speed, six-axis MH6F-series robots are designed for assembly, dispensing, machine...

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Compact, six-axis robots with 5 kg payload capacity and high axial speeds, the MH5LS II...

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Compact, six-axis robots with 5 kg payload capacity and high axial speeds,the MH5S II...

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 Agile, versatile robot opens up a wide range of industrial applications to robots; ideal for...

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The MH6F is a high-speed six-axis robot designed for assembly, dispensing, machine tending,...

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With a 10kg payload, this agile robot opens up a wide range of industrial applications; ideal...

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Agile, versatile 20kg-capacity opens up a wide range of industrial applications to robots;...

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Slim, 7-axis design optimizes space; provides “human-like” flexibility and range of motion,...

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The 7-axis actuator-based design and best-in-class wrist performance characteristics for the...

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The SIA Series best-in-class wrist performance characteristics provides amazing freedom of...

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4-axis, 50 kg capacity robot specifically designed for high-speed case packing, layer forming...

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Versatile robot with 20 kg payload capacity is ideal for many applications, such as picking,...

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The ideal delta robot for high-speed picking operation - speeds up to 150 cycles per minute...

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Ideal for primary packaging with performance optimized for payload.

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The MH3F is a powerful robot designed for more compact, lighter payload applications such as...

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The MPK2F and MPK2F-5 are high-performance 5-axis robots designed for high-speed picking and...

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