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Motoman Robots + Miller® Welders

Team with Yaskawa Motoman and Miller for an integrated robotic welding solution that improves your process and reduces your overhead.


Experience Blue: Times Two

campaign-miller-partners-600Yaskawa Motoman and Miller have been partners in product design and customer support for over 30 years. When you configure an ArcWorld or custom robotic cell with Miller arc welding products, you'll get a true end-to-end robotic welding solution from two leaders known for delivering maximum value to our customers.

Learn how automotive supplier BWI Group experiences the benefits of an all-blue partnership.

ArcWorld - Blue Edition with Miller Welding Package

System Features + Options

Efficient + Economical

  • Pre-engineered robotic systems, with options tailored to your needs.
  • Built-in process control and safety features at no up-charge.
  • Product features that maximize uptime and control operation costs.

Simple + Seamless

  • ArcWorld systems arrive pre-assembled and ready to weld.
  • Control welder and robot from the same graphical interface.
  • Live weld data, peripheral data and arc monitoring for all robots.

Single-Source Support

  • All systems are integrated and weld tested before shipping.
  • Yaskawa Motoman is a Miller Authorized Warranty Repair Center.
  • One-call support to address robotic and welding related issues.

Miller Auto-Continuum

  • Available in 350 or 500 amp outputs at 100% duty cycle
  • Can be configured through a web-browser or Yaskawa’s digital interface
  • Insight Welding Intelligence reports cell productivity and parameter verification
  • Upgradeable to Insight Centerpoint™, providing real-time arc monitoring to ensure consistent high-quality welds
  • Easy setup and installation for EtherNet/IP, DeviceNet or analog protocols

Integrated Digital Weld Interface

Control Robots and Process from the Pendant

campaign-miller-weldPendantOnly Yaskawa Motoman lets you control your Miller welding package directly from the robot teach pendant. Welders love it for the simplicity, managers love it for the integrated data and traceability.

  • Set processes to programs from the pendant
  • Lock power source and set security
  • View live weld data with heat input
  • Arc monitoring with Insight Centerpoint
  • Track conforming parts / remove non-conforming parts
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Let this simple, powerful interface take your welding to the next level.

yaskawa-miller success story

Success Story: BWI Group

BWI Group, a premier chassis supplier and manufacturer of vehicle brake and suspension systems, needed to exceed OEM requirements for safety-critical welds. They turned to Miller and Yaskawa Motoman to provide a solution.

A joint team of automation engineers and welding experts integrated technology and developed procedures for BWI's challenging application.

The Result:

  • Non-conforming parts are contained from production flow, and safety-critical welds are within specified parameters.
  • Cycle time for welding and inspection has significantly improved.
  • Global team support addresses system and process issues for multiple plants and countries.

Put Yaskawa + Miller on Your Team

In addition to top products built to work together, our sales and support teams are cross-trained and ready to help you tackle your welding challenges.