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Shaping the Future of Education and Tomorrow's Workforce at FETC

As manufacturing evolves, business leaders and educators are using proven ways to build a more resilient workforce. Leading the way in training skilled workers is the use of advanced technologies like robotic automation. Whether through robotic simulation platforms, STEM robotics or training classes, various methods are enabling workers and students to learn on the same equipment deployed in factories around the world.

What Can Small Welding Workcells Do for You?

Small- to medium-size manufacturers looking to optimize operations should consider how robotic automation can help their processes. From greater safety and productivity to substantial cost and labor savings, transformational benefits can be achieved in a relatively short payback period. Fabricators still unsure if robots will help their bottom line should especially consider the viability of small welding workcells.

Shedding Light on the Path to Dark Warehouses

As the growth for fulfillment warehouses, ecommerce and third-party logistics skyrockets and unique customer demands evolve, companies are exploring dark warehouses – fully automated, “lights-out” facilities that use intelligent, interconnected devices to operate without human labor. Much in part to labor availability, cost-benefit analysis, technological advancements and more, the shift toward these facilities continues.

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