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The Latest in Robotics
Cultivating Boss Buy-in for Robotic Automation

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” is a reality for many manufacturers. However, even an operation that is running smoothly could most likely benefit from robotics. In turn, this could boost overall competitive edge, setting a company apart from its competition. Old habits can be tough to break, especially if you are an employee that is trying to motivate your boss to consider the implementation of robotic automation.

B.I.G. Thoughts on Zero Maintenance

Promises of zero maintenance for extended periods from some robot manufacturers may sound good, but are these claims accurate? The answer is, NO! Robot and cobot owners should expect to perform encoder battery replacement and regularly inspect robots as prescribed. So, buyer beware! With this in mind, there are key maintenance concepts robot buyers should consider for maximum return on investment before making a purchase.

MODEX 2024 Preview: Full Spectrum Solutions for Optimal Operations

In an era of rapidly advancing manufacturing and supply chain operations, it is crucial to make forward-thinking decisions that bolster operational efficiency. To effectively deal with increased demands and this accelerated change, many forward-thinking company leaders are taking a second look toward advanced technology, including reliable and efficient robotic automation that has the potential to move production forward.

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