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Advanced, Collaborative,
Robotic Automation

The Yaskawa human collaborative robot (HC10) is a new generation of robotics that is capable, affordable, versatile, easy to use and built with the industrial strength for which Yaskawa is known. These robots are for customers looking for easy automation, meaning an industrial robot to automate tasks that require it to work in close proximity to humans. 



Improves production rate

  • Industrial-grade payload and speed 
  • Can be used in a wide variety of real-world applications
  • Works in PLC controlled manufacturing systems


Quickly achieves ROI

  • Reduced physical guarding
  • Simplified built-in networked safety I/O
  • Built on Yaskawa's legacy of quality and reliability


Reduces risk 

  • Advanced pinchless geometry
  • Power and force limiting with FSU (Functional Safety Unit)
  • innovative through-arm utilities


Empowers staff

  • Teach by hand guiding
  • Quick fault recovery
  • Simplifies basic training needs

The Yaskawa Human Collaborative 10 (HC10) Robot is a capable, safe, affordable, and easy to use Collaborative Robot that delivers industrial robot performance and safety. HC10 is for customers that need to automate tasks that require a robot to work near humans, where space is limited, and where the robot may need to be frequently redeployed.

Do you have space restrictions in your processes?  
The HC10 can help! 

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