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The Smart Pattern extension is a graphical interface for Smart Pendant to quickly generate jobs to handle parts in specific pattern(s).  The interface supports common applications that require patterns (i.e. machine loading/unloading, stacking, unstacking, case packing, etc.)

The user simply selects the type of pattern and teaches the handling of the first part. Smart Pattern will then generate a complete robot job to handle all the parts of the pattern. Smart Pattern generates two types of jobs:

  • Pattern: Job defining a specific pattern and how the robot should move to handle each part in the pattern.

  • Supervisor: Job defining which patterns should be used to pick and place parts and the overall flow of the system, including basic I/O.

Typically, at least two patterns are initially generated - one to pick and one to place parts. The user can then create a supervisor job that uses those patterns.  If necessary, jobs can be customized by the user to system specific requirements.

Smart Pattern:
The Quick Way to Handle Patterns

Check out our recent webinar to learn how the easy-to-use Smart Pattern – a graphical interface for the Yaskawa Smart Pendant – provides a user-friendly way to create a pattern-based handling program. Chris Caldwell, Yaskawa Product Manager, explains and demonstrates why this product is well-suited for stacking, unstacking, case packing machine loading and more.

Key Features
Graphical user interface, websiteDescription automatically generated

Intuitive user interface with guided pattern file generation steps

Graphical user interface, application, websiteDescription automatically generated

Supports pick or place patterns

Supervisor job to oversee the flow of the cell, including basic I/O signals


Supported Patterns

Single part

Grid (2D array)

3D Grid (3D array)


ArcWorld LC low-cost welding cell

With features built for picking, machine tending, assembly and other light handling jobs, the Smart Pendant is an option for GP-Series robots up to 25 kg payload.

Learn Smart Pendant robot programming free from Yaskawa Academy online

Fully simplify your robot experience with the HC-Series collaborative robots, featuring hand-guided teaching and easy setup through Smart Pendant.


Optimized speed and precision control make the YRC1000 and YRC1000micro controller options a winning choice for your size, power supply, and I/O requirements.



Minimum Requirements
YRC1000/YRC1000micro with Smart Pendant version 2.0.4 or later

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