Industrial Robots / Collaborative

Flexible, Safe, Easy-to-Use

Highly versatile and portable, HC-series cobots are ideal for a variety of tasks including machine tending, material handling, packaging and light assembly. Designed to work safely with, or in the same workspaces as humans, these six-axis human-collaborative robots meet established safety standards.

Yaskawa HC-series cobots

Enhanced Worker Safety

  • Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology enables humans to safely work with robots.

  • Smooth, yet durable, construction design eliminates pinch points.

  • Through-arm utilities eliminate external cables and associated risks.


Optimized Production Rates

  • Industrial-grade speeds and payloads for real-world applications (based on risk assessment).

  • Easy programming and hand guiding facilitate quick changeover.


Fast System Integration

Yaskawa Webinar Replays

Up to Speed on Industrial Cobots

Learn how collaborative robots can help add capability to your operations.

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