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Robotics Solutions to Lead the Way: PACK EX 2023

Robotics Solutions to Lead the Way: PACK EX 2023

Posted: 9/12/2023 1:30:25 PM by Sarah Mellish
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From dynamic customer demands and supply chain disruptions to skilled worker unavailability and more, companies of all sizes are experiencing an array of production and logistical challenges. To maintain the agility required to scale operations, decision makers are turning to advanced technologies, including extremely flexible and reliable robotic automation.

Capable of a wide variety of dull, dirty, dangerous and disliked tasks, a growing number of industrial and collaborative robots are being used in nearly every market to cultivate a range of transformational benefits. Ranking near the top of the “advantages list” are increased throughput capacity, streamlined production flow, maximized company floorspace, improved product quality, lower operational costs, and improved workforce safety and stability.

Robotic Packaging Growth

Proving extremely beneficial for a range of industries including automotive, chemical, consumer products, food and beverage, industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and more, the use of high-performance yet user-friendly robotic solutions for end-to-end packaging is making a substantial difference. So much so, that by 2032 the global packaging robot market is forecasted to grow to US$7.5 billion – up from US$3.8 billion in 2022.
Driving much of this usage are intuitive robotic solutions that blend 3D vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence for smart motion control, bringing highly relevant applications to life. This, combined with the evolving robot programming ecosystem where hand-guided teaching and easy-to-use teach pendants, empower even novice robot users to jog a robot. Sophisticated software tools (i.e., MotoSight™, MotoPick™, etc.) as well as add-on functions and apps are also enabling fast deployment of robotic systems.
Likewise, advanced controller software options, like the MLX300, facilitate the programming and control of industrial robots with a variety of motion control and Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) platforms. Software options such as this provide a well-integrated environment that leverages the knowledge and experience of the PLC programmer, while providing access to industry leading robot technology.
All this to say, there is no shortage of smart solutions to help with primary, secondary and tertiary packaging tasks. From high-speed picking and robust case packing to end-of-line palletizing, highly efficient and consistent robots are being seamlessly integrated into existing automation.

Robotic Packaging Solutions

To learn how robotic packaging can optimize your operations and help your company become a stronger global competitor, join our industry experts at PACK EX – Canada’s only dedicated packaging event for suppliers and buyers. November 7-9, stop by the Yaskawa booth (#1101) at the Toronto Congress Center in Ontario, Canada.
Make plans to attend PACK EX and be sure to stop by the Yaskawa booth to speak to our industry experts about your specific application requirements. “PACK EX will host over 4,000 attendees and highlight many high-end packaging innovations,” offers Jason Jenson, Sr. General Manager of Yaskawa Canada. “At the show, Yaskawa will feature several demonstrations, showcasing flexible and easy-to-program robot offerings. Whether your focus is automotive, chemicals, consumer goods, cosmetics, food and beverage, industrial machinery, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals or specialty items, our versatile suite of proven products and peripherals – combined with our local applications team – can help boost production stability.” Booth demonstrations include:

Hands-On, Easy Programming Experience

Featuring three extremely flexible and easy-to-use HC10DTP collaborative robots with thru-arm utilities, IP67 ratings and NSF H1 food-grade grease, this interactive demo allows booth visitors to safely hand guide a collaborative robot for an easy robot programming experience. The easy-to-use touchscreen Smart Pendant – using software version 3.0 with a built-in Classic Interface function – will also be on display. Ideal for novice robot programmers, the intuitive Smart Pendant uses patented Smart Frame technology that determines the operator’s orientation relative to the robot. This makes the robot user the frame of reference and eliminates the use of conventional coordinate (X, Y, Z) frames for easy command of robot movement. Schunk, Festo and Zimmer grippers are also featured.

Industrial Robot Pallet Pattern Generation

Utilizing Yaskawa’s robust PalletSolver® software solution, this demonstration features two high-speed GP7 robots working in coordinated motion to simulate an end-of-line production process. Featuring scalable architecture that can handle even the most complex palletizing systems, PalletSolver enables robot users to efficiently generate ideal pallet patterns offline (from the convenience of a PC) for virtually an unlimited number of SKUs. A robot controller-based application optimizes execution of pattern files and robot operation, enabling the easy handling of single and multi-line palletizing processes. Banner safety light curtains, and SMC air cylinders and pneumatics are also featured.
*Note: robot users looking to simplify robotic palletizing for Yaskawa collaborative robots should ask our experts about the recently released Pallet Builder™ extension. Specifically designed for the Smart Pendant, this intuitive user interface utilizes a robust database and guided prompts to facilitate no-code programming for workcell configuration and pallet pattern setup. Other extensions for pattern generation, packaging and picking are also available.
See you at the show!

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