Industrial Robots / Collaborative / HC10DTP
Assembly, Machine Tending, Material Handling, Pick and Pack, IP65-67
10.0 kg
YRC1000 & YRC1000micro
1200 mm
Horizontal Reach
2400 mm
Vertical Reach
Motoman HC10XP for Welding industrial robot

The six-axis HC10DTP collaborative robot enables operation with, or in close proximity to human workers. Precision hand-guiding facilitates easy programming for fast implementation of the robot system, while a pinch-less design featuring Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology constantly monitors force to quickly react to contact. Depending on risk assessment, this cobot can operate in collaborative mode at speeds up to 1,000 mm/s without extra safety features, saving space and lowering cost. Additionally, when properly equipped, this hybrid cobot can operate in non-collaborative mode at speeds up to 2,000 mm/s.

Thru-arm utilities hide cabling, including a Category 6 ethernet cable, and a rugged IP67 rating allows use in harsh environments. The HC10DTP also includes NSF H1 food-grade grease for use in spaces where there is the possibility of incidental food contact.

The HC10DTP robot is compatible with the YRC1000 Controller as well as the standard teach pendant or the Smart Pendant.

Technology Kits

HC10DTP is available for immediate shipment.

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Improved Utilities

Updated thru-arm utilities (Air + Ethernet + I/O) provide a variety of options and simplify EOAT install. We also aligned our I/O connector to the same M8 A-coded standard that is used throughout the industry.


Leading Connectivity

ISO Standard Tool Flange is now offered on the HC10DTP, HC20DTP and HC30PL, allowing direct installation of most common industrial end of arm tooling. We also incorporated an additional dowel hole so the tool can be rotated if desired!

Visual showcasing expanded motion range

Expanded Motion

Revised internal components allow for a wider range of motion to improve performance in a variety of postures.

HC10 Workstation

HC10 Workstation

Highly economical for integrating the HC10 robot with the high-performance YRC1000 controller into a single extremely portable and compact package. Easily redeployed to meet diverse production demands, this solution is well-suited for assembly, machine tending and pick and place tasks. View Datasheet

Safety inspection

Safety Guidance

Cobots have built-in safety features but a risk assessment is necessary to ensure that the robot, application and humans interact safely.

Why are Risk Assessments Necessary for a Collaborative Application?

Webinar: The "Why and How" of Cobot Safety Testing

Safety Testing Requirements


HC10DTP for Material Handling robot spec diagram


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HC10DTP Programming Options

HC10DTP - Smart Pendant

Intuitive programming and operation using the Smart Pendant make this the optimal combination of capability and simplicity.


HC10DTP - Standard Pendant

The advanced programming capability and powerful controller make this robot option ideal for high-performance and more complex tasks.

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