DPPS-CPS Palletizing System

DePeuter Packaging

Powerful, Versatile Palletizing Solution


The DPPS CPS palletizing solutions, are fully engineered and tested solutions that allow for seamless system integration into your operations.

ALL DPPS CPS palletizing solutions are designed with you the customer in mind. They have one thing in common and that is that they are all simple in design and operation. They are all designed based on your needs, in a way that is very cost effective, allows for a fast delivery, and is supported 24/7/365 by our team of engineers.

All cells are outfitted with Yaskawa Motoman Robots. Are up to date to the latest requirements with regards to safety. And utilize only readily available, non-proprietary parts.

The DPPS CPS Palletizing Solutions can handle anything from cartons, to pails, from bags to trays. And even very specialized applications like rolls, trays or anything else you might find that requires to be palletized.

All DPPS CPS Palletizing Solutions come standard with our INFINITE™ control system, that combines A/B plc and motion controls with our web-based control and monitoring system. The INFINITE™ system not only simplifies the controls and operations of your system, it will also make it able for you to see and monitor your system anywhere in the world, 24/7, via any smart device or PC.

All DPPS CPS Palletizing systems can come with product tracking, automated pallet dispensing, slip sheet placement, stretch wrapping, conveying, automated guided vehicles, or anything else that you might want to add to your palletizing application.


Product Types:

cases, trays, shrink packs, barrels/buckets, bags

Max Product Weight:

 600 lbs. (77 lbs. as-shown)

Picks Per Minute:

Max 30 (10 as-shown)



Palletizing Stations:


Robotic Equipment:

Motoman 5- or 6-axis robot & controller


  • INFINITE™ control system
  • Slipsheet insertion
  • Max pallet height 10'
  • Smart conveyor support
  • Rent/lease option
  • PalletSolver™ palletizing software


Full system integration of your end-of-line packaging requirements


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Systems Available in the United States & Canada


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