Promation Bag Palletizer



For Multiple Product SKUs and Sizes


Promation Industrial engineers, manufactures & integrates palletizing  solutions to meet customer requirements. We utilize advanced technology and innovative products to drive cost efficiency through the process while providing customers with robust automated solutions. Promation robotic palletizing solutions are designed to meet your return on investment while reducing ergonomic challenges that face manufacturing today.

Turn to Promation to develop a palletizing solution for you. Our high-speed, robust robotics systems can be developed to suit your specific needs and production rates.

Product Types:


Max Product Weight:

50 lbs.

Picks Per Minute:




Palletizing Stations:


Robotic Equipment:

MPL-SeriesRobot; DX200 Controller


  • Up to 100 bags (10kg) on one pallet. Up to 50 for 20kg & 50-lb bags.
  • Easy-access HMI for adding/changing product types. Partial layer forming.
  • Visions system verifies product label matches HMI
  • EOAT consistently handles bags unique in nature
  • Can handle 5 different pallet types (Chep block, Chep standard, FGF, Supreme Plastic, Non-returnable)
  • Slipsheet insertion using Keyence analog laser sensor. Robot places pallet & slipsheet onto loading conveyor
  • Label-face orientation
  • Allen-Bradley Compact GuardLogix®
  • Functional Safety Unit (FSU) - Tool interfere and robot range limit used to meet safety standards.
  • Options available for hazardous locations

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