STEM Robotics Solutions
MotoMinis in classroom

Teach robotics programming using the same equipment deployed in factories around the world. Featuring standard industrial-grade components and comprehensive academic tools, portable robot modules facilitate education and training, and can be easily customized to fit specific curriculum and classroom layouts. A fully functional production environment can also be simulated with MotoSim® EG-VRC. This powerful education software package enables offline robot programming (OLRP) and virtual 3D simulation of industrial workcells in a safe, virtual setting. Similarly, K-16 school groups can benefit from MotoSim Touch, a PC-based offline programming and simulation tool that allows students to toggle between a virtual programming pendant or a hardware pendant.

Online STEM Robotics Learning

Web-based LMS provides best-in-class STEM robotics education. This comprehensive STEM-aligned curriculum will provide your students with the academic core standards and 21st century skills required for careers in advanced manufacturing.



Yaskawa Academy offers three certification programs:

  • The Train the Trainer Program is designed for instructors of K-12 students, career tech and college undergraduates. It provides the ability for schools to develop a student-based robotics certification course with focus on core robotics skills, or to expand an existing mechatronics robotics program.
  • The Modified MERIT Program is designed for instructors of K-12 students, career tech and college undergraduates. It provides the ability for schools to develop a student-based robotics certification course with focus on core robotics skills, or to expand an existing mechatronics robotics program. It also offers the ability to upgrade to the MERIT program.
  • The MERIT program is designed for instructors of educational institutions and to support workforce development certification with industry. It enables instructors to deliver the same curriculum and instructional model as Yaskawa Academy to local manufacturers.

Advancing Workforce Development

Equipping tomorrow’s workforce is a team effort. Our industry experts work together with our strategic partners, educational institutions and local officials to enable career pathways in robotics for future success.

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Regional Partners

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Forward-Thinking Education

Unique program trains future innovators - View article


The Exciting and Expanding World of Robotics

Career paths, market outlook and where to start - Learn more

STEM Brochure

STEM Education & Workforce Development Brochure

Align workforce development with industry leaders - Download PDF

Sinclair Community College and Yaskawa

Workforce Development Partnership

Sinclair works with Yaskawa to offer certification - View article

MH900 Video

The Challenges of Making Giant Robots

Jeremy Fielding visits Yaskawa Motoman to learn about the Yaskawa MH900 robot.

WUNDER STEAM - Mister C: Episode

Meet a Welding Engineer

WunderSTEM's Mister C visits Yaskawa Motoman to learn about robotic welding.

eKAMI Student

Webinar: Workforce in Action

Learn how manufacturers can help educational institutions optimize their training facilities and curriculum to better prepare the workforce of the future.


Yaskawa Robots for Education

Building an adaptive workforce trained in Industry 4.0 technologies is more important than ever. To address talent gaps and create a relevant labor pool, companies and educational institutions are implementing the same robots and machinery used throughout the industry into their training facilities. Popular robots include: Yaskawa's MotoMini, GP4, GP8, AR700 and HC10.

Yaskawa Education Robot Lineup


STEM Classroom Robotic Simulation via MotoSim Touch

Learn to operate and program Motoman® robots in the virtual world with this PC-based robot simulator. Can also provide on-demand refresher training.

  • Offline programing with virtual robot
  • Portable PC-based education tool
  • 110 VAC single phase power
MotoSimTouch, PC and Robot Controller

Mobile Robotics Platform STEM Technology Cell

Provides community colleges, vocational schools and technical colleges with the best possible equipment for teaching industrial robotics.

  • Mobile platform design fits through standard doorways
  • Multi-purpose pneumatic grippers and valves
  • Welding platform includes industrial weld equipment
  • Workspace overlay provides endless exercises
  • 110 VAC single phase power
  • Additional options available (2D Cognex vision, QC conveyor, simulation software and other peripherals)

Yaskawa Endorsed Programs for Robotics and STEM Teacher Training

The Motoman Endorsed Robotics Instructor Training (MERIT) Program was developed specifically for educational institutions who have a vision of becoming a Yaskawa Motoman satellite training facility. It is designed to bring the same quality of training, as delivered by the Yaskawa Academy, closer to our installed base.

Yaskawa Academy occupies 13,400 sq ft with 78 robots totally dedicated to training. All training is delivered by dedicated and certified instructors. Over 75 different training courses are offered for a wide range of Motoman controllers including NX, FS and DX and the newest YRC1000. Training classes for each controller type include: Operators, Basic Programming, Advanced Programming, Ladder Logic and Maintenance.

All of our training courses and programs undergo a rigorous evaluation procedure and process which adheres to the American National Standards Institute/ International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard).

Yaskawa Academy Instructor

The MERIT Program Supports Two Levels of Training:

College Undergraduate

The MERIT Program provides the ability to develop a new program with the focus on robotics, or to expand an existing one. Topics can be customized with any set of objectives in mind.

Industrial User

The MERIT Program offers a method to deliver the exact same training offerings to local manufacturers in a surrounding area. Once an instructor becomes certified in a specific training class, he or she will be able to deliver the same curriculum as Yaskawa Academy. Students will receive the same class material and instruction as if attending Yaskawa Academy. Upon successful completion of any MERIT delivered course, the student will receive a certificate from Yaskawa Motoman. Certificates are endorsed by Yaskawa Motoman, and valid as prerequisites for any future advanced training classes within the respective controller group.


IACET Accredited Provider
  • Recognition as a Yaskawa Motoman endorsed satellite training facility
  • Students will be awarded a Yaskawa Academy certificate with the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) CEU logo upon successful completion
  • Partnership with a leading robotics company; "creating a better tomorrow"
  • Expansion of knowledge base and accessibility of robotics to everyone
  • Assignment of a certified robotics instructor to ensure continued success and development of staff
  • Utilization of a proven training model and class training materials
  • Curriculum development–leave maintenance of the curriculum to us
  • Annual audits/visits to ensure your success

Posted: 4/8/2024 12:34:57 PM by Logan LeMaster

On April 6th, the United States will gear up to celebrate National Robotics Week, and the pivotal role of education in driving change and innovation will be in the spotlight. At Yaskawa, we firmly believe in the transformative power of education. From hosting facility tours to participating in STEM events and advisory meetings, our dedication remains unwavering. Education is a journey towards empowerment and innovation. Read More


Posted: 12/20/2023 2:00:00 PM by Sarah Mellish

To address labor gaps, customer demands and ongoing disruption, companies are turning to highly effective out-of-the-box ideas to bolster their workforces. As a result, strategic training programs and partnerships are forming within communities to cultivate the specific workforce required. For Alex, Brody, Cai and Evan of Valley View High School (Germantown, Ohio), a recent partnership is making a world of difference. Read More


Posted: 4/10/2023 3:00:00 PM by Sarah Mellish

For robot manufacturers and integrators, many jobs are in the engineering category, but working in robotics can mean more than being an engineer. Most suppliers have positions in sales, marketing, manufacturing, finance, IT, customer service and more. As the industry grows, professionals with varied backgrounds will be needed to maintain the high level of manufacturing execution required to fulfill future demands. Read More


Posted: 10/17/2022 7:55:56 PM by Sarah Mellish

Known as National Manufacturing Month, there’s no better time than October to reflect on the importance of building a sustainable workforce for a more resilient future. As manufacturers across the country host student tours, Yaskawa Motoman continues to take part in STEM-centric events that fuel optimism for careers in robotic automation, as well as offer comprehensive robot training through Yaskawa Academy. Read More


Posted: 7/22/2022 6:23:13 PM by Sarah Mellish

With consumer demands more stringent than ever, the ability for manufacturers to consistently produce affordable, high-quality products for on-time delivery is key to maintaining competitive edge. For many operations, this benchmark is increasingly difficult to meet. Manufacturers are finding it increasingly harder to find skilled workers. This workforce shortage reality is prompting businesses to take strategic action. Read More


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