News / May 2023 / Yaskawa Showcases Latest Automation Technologies at Automate 2023

Dayton, OH (May 2023) – Yaskawa America, Inc. will showcase its next-level robotic automation solutions created to level up production and enable fluid operations at Automate, May 22-25 in Detroit, booth #3223.
Experts from the Motoman Robotics Division and the Drives & Motion Division, will be on hand to discuss specific application requirements. Plus, gain inspiration for the production floor from the following demonstrations:


High-Speed Induction Workcell
Featuring the extremely fast GP12 robot, this demonstration highlights the use of efficient and reliable robotic automation for meeting order fulfillment demands. Fizyr AI deep-learning software in conjunction with the Zivid Two 3D camera will also be on display, showcasing the use of human-like vision for intelligent 3D scene capturing that helps the robot achieve pick rates of 1,200-1,700 per hour for a wide range of objects. Highly flexible conveyors from Dynamic™ Conveyor Corporation (DynaCon) and Dorner are also shown, along with safety guarding by Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions (AMGS).
Efficient Small-Part Processing
Equipped with the fast and compact GP7 robot and the SG650 SCARA robot, this workstation demonstrates precise operation for small part production. These models are well-suited for assembly and sortation, as well as multi-process systems requiring pick-and-place capability. Both robots use a lightweight standard teach pendant with a user-friendly touchscreen interface, enabling fast and easy programming.

Collaborative Robot Palletizing
Featuring the HC30PL cobot, this system facilitates robust palletizing capability for demanding environments. Ideal for safe and efficient fenceless production, the HC30PL cobot with Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology constantly monitors force and quickly reacts to contact, and it offers a 30 kg payload capacity and up to 1,700 maximum reach to expertly support select handling, packaging and logistical tasks.
The Smart Pendant (Version 3.0) on display features Pallet Builder™ – Yaskawa’s new, ease of use no-code palletizing platform. Perfect for users with limited robotic experience, this software tool is ideal for small- to medium-sized companies with high-mix, low- volume production, and it can support up to eight combined stations with multiple grippers/gripper types. Pallet Builder is compatible with GP-series and HC-series robots.


Collaborative Welding Workcell
ArcWorld® HC is a portable job shop designed for human-collaborative (HC) interaction. Well-suited for optimizing small- to medium-sized part production for medium volume runs, this highly flexible solution with perforated Flextur™ table comes pre-engineered with arc flash protection, provisions for fume mitigation and an IP67-rated HC10DTP cobot for use in harsh welding environments. An integrated weld package with a Fronius power supply is shown, but all major brands are compatible. This demonstration also highlights Yaskawa’s intuitive Universal Weldcom Interface (UWI) pendant application that helps users gain easy control of any weld process or parameter.
High-Volume Welding Workcell
Designed to optimize medium- to large-sized part production, the pre-engineered ArcWorld 6200 (AW6200) welding workcell features two streamlined AR1440 robots. A sealed-drive AC servo-driven RM2-1275 Ferris-wheel positioner utilizes the patented MotoMount™ fixture mounting system that enables the positioner to be lagged directly to the floor and eliminates the need for precision alignment or machined bases.

The AW6200 includes an integrated weld package (Miller® power supply option shown), as well as the UWI that enables full utilization of power supply capabilities. Shipped on a common base with integrated cable management for easy setup, this workcell also features enhanced safeguarding, including an FSU. Safety fencing by WireCrafters is shown.
Wandelbots TracePen Demo
Designed for simple no-code robot programming, the Wandlebots TracePen will be featured in this hands-on demo with an AR1440 arc welding robot. Visitors will learn how this hand-held stylus, combined with a true industrial robot, can enable easy programming for fast, accurate part welding.


Hands-On Programming Experience
Featuring three HC10DTP cobots, this interactive demonstration allows booth visitors to safely hand guide a cobot for an easy-to-use robot programming experience. The user-friendly touchscreen Smart Pendant with built-in Classic Interface function will also be featured, as well as gripper technology from Schmalz, Schunk, SMC and Zimmer.

Drives & Motion

Robust Singular Control
This demo displays the new iCube Control™ machine control platform that provides the flexibility of open system design, the scalability of modular system integration, and the certainty of safety and support for which Yaskawa is known. This product also features a hands-on demonstration of Yaskawa’s new iCube Engineer software engineering tool.


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