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MODEX 2024 Preview: Full Spectrum Solutions for Optimal Operations

MODEX 2024 Preview: Full Spectrum Solutions for Optimal Operations

Posted: 1/29/2024 2:51:21 PM by Sarah Mellish
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In an era of rapidly advancing manufacturing and supply chain operations, it is crucial to make forward-thinking decisions that bolster operational efficiency. To effectively deal with increased demands and accelerated change, many company leaders are taking a second look toward advanced technology, including reliable and efficient robotic automation that has the potential to move production forward.

Advances in robot manipulation, mobility and perception have improved application functionality, bolstering automation confidence. From barcode orientation to parcel sortation, to container loading/unloading and more, high-performance robots are providing real results that maximize throughput and quality. Concerns over labor shortages, working conditions, production bottlenecks and seasonal demands are all being addressed, creating a more fluid supply chain and accelerating production throughout the industrial landscape.

Join our Yaskawa Experts at MODEX

To discover more about the latest trends in traditional equipment, sustainable solutions, workforce strategies, robotic automation and emerging tech, plan to attend MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia (March 11-14) at the Georgia World Congress Center. “This year’s show will feature over 1,000 solutions from leading manufacturers and suppliers, including Yaskawa,” offers Sarah Andrzejewski, Yaskawa Product Manager of Software Solutions. “Our booth will feature multiple robot demonstrations to inspire businesses to future-proof their operations for long-term success, including applications for palletizing and parcel sortation.” Featured solutions include:

Collaborative Robot Palletizing Workcell – specifically designed for palletizing, the robust six-axis HC30PL collaborative robot offers direct teach capability and enables safe, efficient fenceless production in demanding environments. Part of the HC-series line, this cobot features a 30 kg payload capacity, 1,700 mm horizontal reach and a 3,400 vertical reach. A plug and play tool flange based on EN ISO 9409-1 facilitates select handling and packaging applications. Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology constantly monitors force to enable safe human-robot interaction, and the robot can easily shift between collaborative speed in PFL mode or full speed in industrial mode (based on risk assessment and process requirements) as production demands evolve. A thru-arm Category 6 cable also provides a wide range of communication options for tooling, while an IP67 rating and easy-to-clean surface allow use in sanitary settings. NSF H1 food-grade grease is included. A Schmalz dual FQE gripper is shown.

Parcel Induction Workcell – addressing high demand for order fulfillment, this demonstration highlights the extremely fast and reliable GP12 robot with large volume capability. Extremely flexible, the six-axis GP12 provides a 12 kg payload capacity, a 1,440 mm horizontal reach and a 2,511 mm vertical reach. Facilitating the automated picking and placing of objects is Plus One Robotics’ highly intuitive and award-winning PickOne Perception Kit that uses 2D, 3D and AI algorithms to identify each pickable item in view before assigning it a placement location. Flexible conveyors from Dynamic™ Conveyor Corporation (DynaCon) and Dorner are shown, along with safety guarding by Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions (AMGS).

HC10DTP Collaborative Workstation – ideal for extremely cost- and time-effective robot integration, the HC10 Workstation on display features the hand-guided HC10DTP robot with a high-performance YRC1000 controller in a single package. The six-axis HC10DTP cobot offers a 10 kg payload capacity, 1,200 mm horizontal reach and a 2,400 mm vertical reach.

Compatible with Yaskawa’s HC, HC10DT, HC10XP and HC10DTP collaborative robots, this highly compact workstation with internal cable management is easily set up and relocated to quickly add automation to existing production environments. Well-suited for arc welding, as well as assembly, machine tending and pick and place tasks, this demo also highlights the user-friendly touchscreen Smart Pendant that eliminates the use of conventional coordinate frames (X, Y, Z) for easy programming. Built-in leveling feet are provided to facilitate the utmost stability when the robot runs at maximum speed and payload capacity.

This interactive demonstration also highlights the use of our intuitive Smart Pendant with patented Smart Frame technology and Pallet Builder™, an easy-to-use software extension app with an easy-to-use interface, enabling quick development and optimization of palletizing jobs. Ideal for box or case palletizing, this option is easily customizable to accommodate specific system requirements, providing general functions such as cell definition, defining product type, gripper definition and more!

Plan to Attend MODEX

As artificial intelligence, machine learning and warehouse management software continue to evolve, so will robotic solutions to help alleviate production and supply chain woes. Be sure to keep up to date on the latest technologies that have the potential to boost your production and bottom line. Learn more and register for MODEX – our experts look forward to meeting you and helping you find the best solution to address your specific requirements.

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