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The robust six-axis HC-series collaborative robots are the ideal choice for safe, flexible and adaptable palletizing. Featuring up to 30 kg payloads and capable of loading or unloading a 40 x 48 pallet up to 80-inches tall without an elevator, they offer unmatched versatility for better return on investment.

Our HC-series robots feature thru-arm utilities (Air + Ethernet + I/O) and an ISO standard tool flange with industry standard connectors allowing a variety of options for simple EOAT installation.

Pallet Builder for Yaskawa Smart Pendant

New Pallet Builder Smart Pendant Software

Compatible with GP-series and HC-series robots, this extension app allows quick development and deployment of palletizing cells. Requires Smart Pendant V3.0 or newer.

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Robotics: On Your Terms

Yaskawa created the high payload, long-reach HC30PL to meet the needs of your warehouse environment. This durable, simple-to-operate robot works with a variety of grippers, fixtures, sensors and software packages, making it the smart choice for your ideal setup. Check out our Gripper and Accessories page for a selection of our packages.

Easy to clean, food grade grease

IP67 for Extra Protection

Designed to work in all warehouse environments, the HC-series feature NSF H1 food-grade grease standard for use in spaces where there is the possibility of incidental food contact. It also has an IP67 exterior that is easy to clean.

Safety Feature

Safe for Workers

Power and Force Limiting (PFL) technology monitors force and reacts quickly to contact, enabling safe collaboration in a fenceless environment while eliminating injuries from repetitive bending and lifting.

Yaskawa Smart Pendant

Easy Programming Options

Available with the intuitive programming Smart Pendant and equipped with hand-guided teaching, it is extremely easy to use, and simple to install and manage.

Benefits of Collaborative Palletizing

End-of-line palletizing is one of the best places to implement robotic automation.
The applications frequently exhibit repetitive motion and revolve around loading heavy boxes.


Greater Throughput

Sidel Palletizing Solution

The HC-series provides a robust payload and reach. Offering a non-collaborative mode—up to 2M/sec when equipped with speed and separation monitoring—this robot improves cycle times when compared to competing collaborative options.

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Steady Staffing

HC20 Palletizing Demo

Short-handed? No problem. Whether it is a special product run or a standard manufacturing line, our HC-series can free staff for value-added tasks.

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Flexible Deployment

Manually adjusting HC20 gripper position

Depending on risk assessment, the HC-series can operate without additional protective measures such as a safety fence. This results in reduced cost and space requirements, as well as the ability to move to various production lines.

HC20 Feature
Integration Partners
Ready for Hire

How can collaborative palletizing optimize your operation? Contact us to consult with an integration specialist who can deliver a cobot palletizing solution that best fits your business. With a network of robotics and process experts at your service, we are here to help solve your toughest handling challenges. Contact us today.



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