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Total Assembly Automation

Yaskawa Motoman offers manufacturers a wide range of robotic solutions for high-speed precision assembly automation: Industrial and collaborative robots, software & technology, process expertise, as well as integration and service support.


Why Robots for Assembly?

When using flexible robotics with 2D and 3D vision systems and various parts feeding methods, manufacturers can be confident in their capabilities to produce today’s product with efficiency, accuracy and flexibility to change and expand in the future.

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Why Yaskawa Motoman?

As a global leader in mechatronics, Yaskawa offers integrated solutions with a broad array of industrial, collaborative and specialty robots, combined with integrated motion control systems and expert support for your entire assembly line.

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Featured Solutions
ArcWorld LC low-cost welding cell

Easy-to-teach vision and software package for robotic bin picking.

Take small-part assembly to the next level with compact and connected 6-axis robots.


Our new 4-axis SCARAs deliver blazing speed and pinpoint accuracy.


Automated Tasks

Assembly applications typically consist of multiple operations. While the operations vary with the application, common robotic uses include:

Tip change box for ArcWorld welding cells
2D and 3D vision can help identify and validate parts for robotic sortation.  Watch Webinar
Parts are singulated for robotic picking from a bowl, bin or flex feeder.
Robotic methods include screwdriving, dispensing adhesives, clip insertion and more.
Fume exhaust hood option for ArcWorld welding cells
Robot presents assembled parts to a vision system for gauging, feature detection and error-proofing.
Robots + Accessories

Assembly Robots

Yaskawa Motoman offers a wide range of industrial robot models for high-speed precision assembly and small-part handling including high-performance six-axis robots; flexible seven-axis manipulators; dual-arm robots with 15 axes and amazing human-like motion; and a family of four-axis SCARA robots.

Expand Your Capabilities

Yaskawa Motoman supports your entire assembly process with products and services that give you more automation when you want it, and simplicity when you need it.


Unlock the Full Potential of Robotics

Ensure success in your next robotics project with unmatched operational and application support included for the life of every robot. Combine that with our renowned service and training programs, and Yaskawa Motoman stands alone as your best partner to minimize risk and maximize return on your investment.

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