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At SOUTHTEC 2023, our experts presented how robots paired with advanced partner technologies can positively impact your operations. We showed high-speed robotic bin picking, featuring a KEYENCE 3D vision system and a flexible machine tending solution by Vista Automation.

Featured Applications
Parcel Induction

Arc Welding

Unlock the full potential of robotic welding! Ranging in size from compact to large, ArcWorld® systems consistently deliver to meet production needs.

Palletizing Robot Automation

Machine Tending

Using robots for machine tending operations can help prevent the inconsistencies of manual handling and provide substantial quality improvements.

SCARA Demo Cell

Material Handling

Made for fast general handling tasks, GP-series robots provide optimal speed, accuracy and range of motion. Available with payloads from 4-600 kg.

Product Highlights
ArcWorld HS

ArcWorld HS

Created to optimize small-to medium-size part production, this compact workcell is a cost-effective option for easily integrating robotics into existing welding processes.

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AR900 Robot

The AR900 comes with an easy-to-clean finish for use in harsh environments and features a selection of advanced programming functions to maximize weld quality.

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GP8L Robot

An ideal choice for tight spaces, this extended-reach model easily performs assembly, bin picking and machine tending tasks. Other handling applications are also supported.

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GP12 Robot

Increase the productivity of handling processes with the fast, efficient GP12 robot! All axis speeds have been increased by up to 15% - surpassing other robots in its class.

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Smart Pendant with HC10

Smart Pendant

Smart Pendant provides 3D visual guidance and easy-to-use helper tools that empower users to initiate complex robot commands without needing to learn the language.

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UWI Dual Pulse Help Screen

Universal Weldcom Interface (UWI)

Designed for welding power sources with modern digital interfaces, UWI provides a common interface while presenting information using the manufacturer’s terminology.

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