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Robotic  Welding 

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The Global Leader in Robotic Arc Welding

Arc welding is the core of our company. Over three decades, Yaskawa Motoman has developed more welding robots, sensors, software and positioners than any other company. Our welding process knowledge and path control leads the industry - resulting in expert support and robotic welding technology that tackles your biggest challenges.


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Over 25 years of innovative welding automation

With our comprehensive line of arc welding robots, integrated power sources, torches and peripherals, and our extensive family of fully integrated ArcWorld welding cells, we provide building block solutions that are simple to integrate and operate. 

Integrated with leading arc welding power sources

Fabricators looking into robotics don't have to give up the power to use their own source. While other robot brands limit their compatible welding power supply options, Yaskawa Motoman provides high-level digital interfaces for the widest range of power source brands including Fronius, Miller, Lincoln Electric and SKS. With our integrated digital interface, the power source weld parameters can be monitored and adjusted directly from the robot programming pendant.

Miller power source for Motoman arc welding robots Lincoln Electric power source for robotic welding  PW_TPSi_500_PowerExternal.jpg
Miller Lincoln Electric Fronius
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Automate your biggest welding challenges

Robotic welding system payback calculatorAdd flexibility with pre-engineered weld stations. Robotic welding solutions from Yaskawa Motoman have delivered game-changing results for clients of all sizes. We've enabled Tier 1 automotive suppliers to produce high-volume parts with unprecedented speed and efficiency. We've helped construction machinery manufacturers create their heaviest-duty parts with ease. And, we've equipped job shops with flexible, cost-effective solutions that adapt easily to shifting market needs. Whatever your requirements or challenges, we can configure the ideal solution.

In most cases, a standard ArcWorld® workcell is a perfect fit. Whether you're producing small or large parts, prefer a process-to-part or part-to-process approach, or even need multiple robot control, Yaskawa Motoman has the solution.


ArcWorld 6300 with Miller® welding package
 and ferris wheel positioner
ArcWorld 4200 with high-speed, double-ended headstock/tailstock positioner and two robots
Dual-station ArcWorld 500 for parts up to 1m in size and 550kg.

Arc welding solutions that meet your specifications

When the out-of-the box solutions don't meet your exact needs, Yaskawa Motoman can easily and affordably modify our prefabricated robotic welding cells to fit your specifications.

ArcWorld 6200 modified to
customer safety specifications
Modular drop-center two-axis positioner
ArcWorld II-500 modified to customer plant specs

Large scale, turnkey solutions engineered by the Motoman Automation Group

Yaskawa Motoman's team of Automation Engineers can incorporate turnkey systems to suit production requirements of varied industries. We specialize in robotic welding systems for manufacturers of large weldments, providing customized, low-risk configurations that deliver enhanced quality, productivity and ROI.

jigless robotic welding

Dual jigless custom solution provides endless weld positions with no tooling


Two-robot welding cell with custom fixture for 4 part variations. Case Study

robotic welding positioners mounted on a servo track

Custom dual part positioners mounted on a servo track (with 2 load/unload stations)

Take your throughput to the next level: HyperProductivity™

Boost cycle time and save floorspace by adding multiple robots for multi-part or jigless welding in a single cell.

Standard ArcWorld V-6400: Four Motoman welding robots with "ferris wheel" positioner
Four Motoman Welding Robots with a head/tailstock positioner and single teach pendant
Custom jigless solution with two Motoman handling robots and 6 Motoman welding robots  Case Study

Motoman Arc Welding Robots

Motoman MA-series arc welding robot

Yaskawa Motoman continues to lead welding robot design innovation, with industry-first features that make Motoman welding robots the preferred choice for precision, durability and flexibility.

The integrated through-the-arm cabling in the MA-series robots improves weld accuracy, torch access and uptime. Yaskawa Motoman backs the performance of the MA-series arc welding robots with the industry's first two-year torch cable warranty. Yaskawa Motoman offers extended-reach welding robots including the MA3120 and AR2010 models.

The first 7-axis robotic welder

In response to our customers' needs for more efficient space utilization, we developed the first 7-axis robot welder - the VA1400. The flexibility of the VA1400 and VA1400 II arc welding robots reduces floorspace requirements and accommodates multiple welding robots in a single cell. The unique "elbow" axis of the welding arm reaches around tall parts, into boxy parts and other places an external axis would normally be needed.

Our complete line of arc welding robots are below. Click the model to view a detailed description and specs.


The six-axis AR1730 robot provides fast and accurate performance for a range of arc welding...

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Ideal for welding small parts with complex angles, the AR700 robot offers powerful performance...

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The AR900 robot offers high-speed performance in a compact design for arc welding...

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Ideal for welding agricultural equipment, automotive frames or construction machinery, the new...

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The six-axis AR1440 robot provides fast and accurate performance to boost productivity for arc...

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MH50 II-20

Powerful, high-speed robot with long/extended articulated arm offers superior performance in...

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Versatile robot with 20 kg payload capacity is ideal for many applications, such as picking,...

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Slim, extended reach six-axis MA3120 welding robot increases productivity and achieves...

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Slim, fast six-axis MA1440 welding robot increases productivity and achieves highest robotic...

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VA1400 II

Innovative 7-axis design dramatically increases freedom of movement and maintains proper...

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Versatile Arc Welding Robot Ideal for High-Density Layouts.  Innovative 7-axis design...

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Slim, extended reach six-axis MA2010 welding robot increases productivity and achieves highest...

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