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Durability That Delivers

For press handling or stamping applications with high duty cycles, our press handling robots are ideal. Designed with heavy-duty drive systems that can deliver in the most demanding applications, these robots also have higher vibration ratings to tolerate the tough conditions often encountered in press rooms.


Why Robots for Press Tending?

Robotic automation allows for precisely coordinated motion and streamlined completion of multi-stage processes with significantly improved operator safety.

Don't Stop the Presses

Why Yaskawa Motoman?

We offer fully-supported robotic solutions that can greatly simplify robot deployment, reduce costs and offer collaborative options for machine operation.

Get to Know Yaskawa Motoman

Automated Tasks

Our fully developed press line control system features diagnostic capabilities for the line and each individual press. We also provide accurate computer modeling and simulation to optimize equipment layout and maximize throughput. Operator safety is significantly improved by eliminating manual press loading, along with complete safety solutions.


Press Tending

Our robotic press tending solutions can be custom-designed to meet your requirements with options such as high-speed part shuttles, hand-off or idle nest stations, robot-to-robot part flipover, vacuum, mechanical and magnetic grippers, automation tool change, and slide bases to facilitate die change. A wide range of Yaskawa robot models are available in floor, shelf or overhead mounting configurations to accommodate any die change system.

Machine Bending

Utilizing various gripper options and flexible regrip/orientation stations, difficult positioning is easily achievable during the bending sequence. Various parts are accommodated with an automatic tool change unit which allows the robot to select the correct gripper for the workpiece. Depending on requirements, infeed magazines, outfeed pallets, conveyors and other peripherals can be fully integrated for a complete automated press brake solution.

Racking/Pack Out

Quickly and easily load finished parts into engineered, part-specific racks, bins or pallets. Our solutions feature high-speed conveyors or shuttles for rack entry and removal, robust locators with bin sensors and optional vision for part location and inspection.

Robots + Accessories

Press Tending Robots

With payloads ranging from 0.5 to 900 kg and ranges of motion from 4 to 15 axes, you'll find an industrial robot that meets your reach, payload and application requirements.


External Axis Solutions

Increase the working range and application flexibility through a range of versatile transporter configurations.

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MotoSight 3D CanonVision

Robotic Vision

Fast and reliable Vision Guided Robotics (VGR) with Yaskawa’s 2D and 3D integrated vision systems.

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Yaskawa Material Handling Brochure

Material Handling Brochure

Yaskawa Motoman's material handling solutions have delivered game-changing results for clients of all sizes.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Robotics

Ensure success in your next robotics project with unmatched operational and application support included for the life of every robot. Combine that with our renowned service and training programs, and Yaskawa Motoman stands alone as your best partner to minimize risk and maximize return on your investment.

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