Industrial Robots / GP Series

High-Volume, High-Speed, High-Density

Designed for fast-paced assembly, packaging and general handling processes, six-axis GP-series robots deliver optimal speed, accuracy and range of movement. The superior speed of this robot family is only matched by its nimble performance and simple, streamlined design. Most GP-series robots offer an IP67-rated wrist and IP54 body standard, with select models offering an XP (eXtra Protection) package that increases body protection ratings to IP65.

Faster Cycle Times

  • Improved acceleration / deceleration control for all robot positions allows faster cycle times.

  • Increased axis speeds over previous generation.

Better Space Utilization

  • Small footprint, slim-arm design widens work area, reducing overall space requirements.

  • Hollow arm structure eliminates cable interference.

Less Downtime

  • Highest wrist allowable moment provides reliable payload handling.

  • Easy washdown cleaning in harsh or sanitary environments.

  • Single-cable connection for fast setup and simple maintenance.

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