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A escolha inteligente para uma automação fácil

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Rápido, flexível e soluções precisas de manipulação

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Novo Produto: MotoMini

Robô Pequeno. Características Grandes

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Novo Produto: MH900

Peças grandes, pesadas? Sem problemas!

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Remaining Relevant Among the EV Manufacturing Shift

As the transition to a more sustainable future continues, more Americans are discovering the advantages of electric vehicles. From limited maintenance to incredible torque and acceleration, EV’s are no longer just a “green” vehicle option, but an aspiration with broader appeal. With battery electric vehicles accounting for 70% of electric car sales, manufacturers are upgrading facilities to make them EV production-ready.

Unlock Your Automation Potential at FABTECH Canada

To learn how high-performance industrial robots and easy-to-use collaborative robots can benefit your production workflow and part manufacturing, join our Yaskawa Motoman team of robot experts at FABTECH Canada. Returning to the Toronto Congress Centre in Etobicoke, Ontario (June 11-13), FABTECH Canada is the largest and most anticipated event for metal forming, fabrication, welding and finishing across the country.

Qualifying a Robotic Welding Application

Commanding approximately 20% of the total amount of commercial welding in the United States, welding robots are extremely impactful for production operations. That said, determining whether robotic automation is a good fit for an operation can be a daunting task. For those considering the use of welding robots and systems, here are a few concepts that decision makers can weigh to make qualifying robotic automation easier.

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